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Mobile Legends Christmas-Themed Skins You Should Have

Mobile Legends

There are 10 Christmas-themed Mobile Legends hero skins that you must have in 2020. Mobile Legends has a number of hero skins that you can buy to enhance the appearance and effects of each skill released. Sometimes, Mobile Legends skin heroes are released in order to commemorate big days like Christmas which falls on December 25.

So, to celebrate Christmas too, we will recommend 10 skins for Mobile Legends heroes that you should have. About anything? Come on, see below.

1. Lancelot’s Christmas Carnival – Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

For the first Mobile Legends skin hero you can bring in is Lancelot‘s Christmas Carnival. In this skin, Moonton turns Lancelot’s sharp sword into a stick that is dominated by red and white.

Lancelot’s appearance has also not changed, where he still looks handsome with his quirky clothing styles. His good looks also make many gamers interested in bringing his skin.

2. Eudora’s Christmas Carnival

The next Mobile Legends skin comes from the lightning control mage, Eudora. Eudora is transformed into a more beautiful outfit with her winter clothes. There is also a decoration in the form of two bells placed on the hem of her dress. Moonton also wears red boots to Eudora so that she looks more fashionable even though she doesn’t rely on her feet when walking.

3. Christmas Carnival Gord – Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Still about mages, this time it’s Christmas Carnival Gord which you can also buy to celebrate Christmas. Gord’s appearance is different from Eudora, which still looks fierce. You can see how scary Gord is through the glowing eye effect.

As for his appearance, Gord here uses clothes that are predominantly green and red. There is also a decoration that he wears on the head in the form of deer antlers.

4. Christmas Carnival Miya

Next there is Miya who also has a Christmas-themed skin, Christmas Carnival. Miya’s clothes here looked excited with the various accessories placed on her bow. Miya also uses accessories in the form of deer horns, but they are wrapped in red.

5. Christmas Carnival Karina – Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Another Christmas-themed Mobile Legends hero skin comes from a less popular assassin, Karina. Moonton turns Karina’s weapon into two cold-looking ice swords, much like her character.

Karina with her Christmas skin is not so fancy because she is only wearing a normal dress which is dominated by red and white.

6. Freya’s Christmas Carnival

For the Christmas skin from the next Mobile Legends hero, there is a strong fighter, Freya. Freya’s appearance at the Christmas Carnival skin looks cute and cute thanks to the little hat she wears. She also still looks beautiful thanks to the yellow hair color.

Then from the appearance of the weapon, Freya used a sword affixed with decorations in the form of red and white balls of different sizes.

7. Christmas Carnival Zilong – Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Still about fighters, there are also Christmas-themed skins that Zilong has. This hero that is widely used by Epic is still cool even though he uses winter-style clothes. Uniquely, the spearhead of Zilong is placed in a red and white cone-shaped hat.

8. Odette’s Christmas Carnival

Odette‘s clothes can be said to be different from other heroes, where they are clad in black with green accents. Odette is also made even cuter with a cute hairstyle like a Barbie doll.

9. Christmas Carnival Claude – Mobile Legends

The marksman hero, who almost never leaves this meta, also gets a Christmas-themed skin in 2019. Moonton made Claude stylish with his modern hairstyle and hypebeast-style shoe selection.

10. Fanny’s Christmas Carnival

Last and most recently, the Christmas Carnival skin from Fanny. Yep, in 2020, Fanny gets a Christmas themed skin. This skin comes together with an event called Christmas Carnival Call’s which will be released December 24, 2020.

Those are the 10 Christmas-themed Mobile Legends hero skins that you can buy this year. Stay tuned for more news and updates!