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Mobile Legends: Defeat Benedetta With These 5 Heroes!


As one of the newest heroes in Mobile Legends, Benedetta is quite strong. With her blink ability and sick Burst Damage, she can finish off her enemies very quickly. Plus, she is classified as a slippery Hero and difficult to defeat. No wonder this assassin is frequently used to climb rank.

Even so, you don’t have to worry when fighting Benedetta. She actually has weaknesses that can be relied on to finish her off, namely the crowd control and Burst Damage

Crowd control skills are very effective in locking down her movements and skills combinations. Meanwhile, Burst Damage is very effective in finishing those who don’t have high defense, which she doesn’t.

So, Let’s take a look at the following list.

Chou – Benedetta


Chou is an effective counter against Benedetta. Chou can indeed be categorized as the ideal Fighter to face all kinds of heroes. Chou’s disabling abilities include knock-up and knock-back effects from skill 1 and his Ultimate. Both of these skills are very effective in breaking and stopping Benedetta’s attacks.

With Chou Ultimate skill – The Way of Dragon, Chou can be a major problem for Benedetta who has the ability to blink and Chou can easily ambush her. No wonder, Chou can easily anticipate all his enemies under various conditions.


As a new hero, Brody has very strong fighting capabilities. As a Marksman, Brody is equipped with very high Burst Damage skills. With his combination skills – Abyss Mark and Abyss Impact, Brody is guaranteed to be able to damage  Benedetta. Even though Brody has to maintain a safe distance and attack momentum to finish Benedetta off. Luckily, Brody has the ability to attack while moving which allows him to keep his distance from Benedetta.

In addition, Brody also has his skill 2 – Corrosive Strike which is very effective for locking and stun Benedetta’s. Brody attacks are relatively fast, that assassin will find it difficult to counter.

Hilda – Benedetta


Currently, Hilda is known as a very barbaric and annoying Hero. The reason is her damage. It is considered quite high for a Tank. In fact, even at level 1 she can make the enemy lose more than half of the health with skill 2 – Art of Hunting.

This ability can be exploited by playing aggressively. Usually at the early start of the match, Hilda will have to run towards the enemy’s blue buff and disturb Benedetta who is farming. Benedetta will have a lot of trouble if she can’t farm properly. Hilda’s ultimate can inflict enormous damage just like Aldous. 


Among the other Benedetta’s Hero counters, Khufra is arguably the most powerful. The reason is, Khufra has excellent disabling abilities. In fact, he deserves to be called the best because all of his skills can paralyze enemies with knock and stun effects.

Khufra can be called Benedetta’s natural “enemy”. Because, Khufra skill 2 – Bouncing Ball – which can neutralize her mobility by making Benedetta knocked up while doing a dash or blink. It will be very difficult for Benedetta to escape from Khufra’s grip.

Kaja – Benedetta


Kaja is a Support / Fighter. After experiencing a nerf  from his skill – Ring of Order, Kaja is now less popular. Even so, Kaja can be a pretty effective hero against Benedetta. Because, Kaja has his Ultimate skill – Divine Judgment – which has suppressing abilities like Franco. This ability is effective for locking enemy movements and cannot be resisted by Purify or immune skills. Benedetta is guaranteed to be immobilized.

In addition, the damage from Kaja skill 1 – Ring of Order – is quite damaging. Moreover, this skill has just received a buff so it is an excellent skill to defeat Benedetta.