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The 5 Best Recommended OP Heroes in Mobile Legends Guide in 2020

Mobile Legends Guide

Moonton frequently updates heros and patches, in order to maintain overall game balance. But still, there are still many overpowered Mobile Legends Heroes in the Land of Dawn. In this guide, there are several Mobile Legends heroes who often get banned from the draft pick because they are very difficult to defeat. Here is our pick for the 5 Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

Uranus – Mobile Legends Guide

Mobile Legends Guide

Uranus is a fighter tank in mobile legends with superior regenerative capabilities that makes him very durable and he can take down his targets very easily. The most annoying thing about Uranus is his ultimate skill – Consecration, which can remove slow effects and stun from the enemy instantly. Playing against such heroes who are difficult to defeat is really annoying.

Yu Zhong

The “Black Dragon” in mobile legends has the potential to become a hard carry. Yu Zhong‘s skills makes him a very formidable crowd controller. He can viciously attack enemies with his vast AOE damage attacks without the fear of his health being reduced. When transforming into a Black Dragon, Yu Zhong gains block Immunity, crowd control Immunity, and also increases his max health. 

Khaleed – Mobile Legends Guide

Mobile Legends Guide

Khaleed, the king of the desert has enormous sustainability and damage. Khaleed is considered one of the deadliest fighter in mobile legends by dealing AoE damage using his skill 1- desert tornado, he can use this skill up to three times and increasing his damage by 20% per hit. Not to mention that Khaleed also gets damage reduction and a quick health regeneration using his skill 2. He is also immune to any crowd control skill while casting his ultimate.


Aldous, a late game monster in mobile legends. He will get even stronger and harder to defeat in the late game. Aldous can easily kill any squishy hero with just one hit. Aldous has a Skill that makes him immune to attacks for two seconds. The annoying thing about Aldous, of course, is his ultimate skill. He can lock the enemy from a distance. If your health is running low and Aldous is locking onto you, you will have a hard time escaping him.

Yi Sun Shin

Mobile Legends Guide

Yi Sun Shin is a burst hero in mobile legends due to his critical damage and agility. Yi Sun Shin can freely choose from his glaive or longbow to attacks. The Traceless skill allows him to dash and attack in a single direction. It also gives him crowd-control immunity and damage reduction. When Yi Sun Shin casts his ultimate skill, He sends out waves of cannon attacks, damaging all enemies on map and revealing their locations.