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Mobile Legends guide : 5 Heroes that Need Oracle

Mobile Legends guide

Why Use Oracle? It grants health regeneration hero in Mobile Legends guide to regen even faster! Not only that, Oracle also increases several attributes. Oracle is an item in Mobile Legends that is usually used to increase Hero durability and magic defence. This item grants its users 850 HP, 40 Magic Defense, and a 10% Cooldown reduction. Oracle passive – which grants 30% HP regen effect and improves shield absorption.

Mobile Legends guide

Usually, Oracle is used to maximize the ability to regenerate HP and shields for Tanks or Fighter. 

Well, this item is usually used in conjunction with Sky Guardian Helmet which can increase the ability to regenerate more effectively.  Let’s take a quick look below at the 5 heros that need Oracle.


Mobile Legends guide

Hilda is a melee fighter in mobile legends. With the ability to charge, high damage and durability, Hilda can be a very effective damage dealer as well as a tanker. Hilda has a unique playing style. While in the grass, Hilda will get HP regeneration by 2% of the maximum HP and shield.

To maximize HP and shield regeneration, Hilda can really use Oracle. With higher HP regeneration and shield, Hilda can rush to fight anytime without having fear of losing a large amount of HP.

Ruby – Mobile Legends guide

Ruby is a close combat fighter who relies heavily on lifesteal and She also has crowd control skills. As a Fighter, Ruby has quite high durability of defense. Ruby is often used as a Tank in Mobile Legends. Ruby’s main ability comes from her lifesteal and she regenerates her health very quickly. 

Ruby abilities can be optimized by Oracle. With Oracle, she will get a fairly large increase in her regeneration. In addition, Oracle can also increase her health and Magic Defense which is very useful for Ruby to survive in the match.

Yu Zhong 

Mobile Legends guide

Yu Zhong is one of the most popular fighters today. As a Fighter, Yu Zhong relies heavily on skill combinations to finish off enemies. In an effort to maximize the use of his skills, Yu Zhong can use Oracle which is useful for him to reduce the cooldown of his skills. 

With a short cooldown, Yu Zhong was able to attack his enemies even more intensely. In addition, Oracle can also provide additional health and magic defense which is very useful for Yu Zhong to survive.

Since its release, Yu Zhong has shown excellent performance in terms of defense or attack. As a close combatant, Yu Zhong’s mian ability came from the health regeneration of Sha Residue. Hence, Oracle could make Yu Zhong extremely Tanky and difficult to defeat.

Alice – Mobile Legends guide

Alice is a mage in Mobile Legends with little defense. Alice’s skill combination allows her to fight at close range. Unfortunately, Alice doesn’t have a high health point. Thus, she is easy to get killed. By using Oracle, Alice can increase her health, while reducing her skills cooldown.

Alice’s ultimate skill – Blood Ode has a mechanism that allows it to be activated or deactivated quickly. As long as the ultimate skill is active, Alice can attack enemies in an area and regenerate health from her skill. To optimize Alice’s health regeneration rate further, Alice needs Oracle. 


Mobile Legends guide

Uranus is a tough hero that is popular lately in Mobile Legends. As a tank, it is very difficult to finish off Uranus. Uranus has a high health regeneration rate, thanks to his passive – Radiance. Besides that, he can also produce shields with his 2nd skill.

Uranus’ ability to regenerate health and shield can be optimized with the use of Oracle. With these items, Uranus can increase his health and shield regeneration ability significantly. making it even harder to take out Uranus than before.