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Mobile Legends: Ling and Lancelot Get Nerfed in 1.5.36 Patch!

Mobile Legends

Recently, Mobile Legends has released updates for the Advanced Server, which bring some balance to the battlefield, and adjustment to the heroes making them less overpower and less overwhelming. Not to mention that some heroes will get buffed in this patch. Jungle monster will also receive some adjustment.

Let’s take a look at 1.5.36 patch notes in Mobile Legends in this article!

Mobile Legends

Hero’s Adjustments

Alpha – Skill 2: HP Regen Bonus has been increased from 20% of Physical Attack Bonus to 30% of Physical Attack Bonus.

Harley – Passive: The Magic Defense reduce effect has been adjusted from 4 Magic Defense with a maximum of 10 stacks to 2 Magic Defense with a maximum of 15 stacks.

Barats – Passive: Big Guy stacks will moderately be reduced instead of reset once, with the decrease of Defense provided by each stack.

Belerick – Attribute: Base HP has been lowered from 2,919 to 2,769. Passive: HP obtained from items has been reduced from 50% to 40%.

Bruno – Passive: Extra Attack Speed Ratio has been increased from 50% to 80%.

Rafaela – Skill 2: The duration of Movement Speed increase has been raised from 1s to 1.5s.

Ling – Skill 2: Energy Cost has been adjusted from 40-30 to 40 at all levels.

Lancelot – Passive: Damage increased by each charge has been lowered from 10% to 7.5%, with the limit unchanged.

Battlefield Adjustments

Mobile Legends

If a Turret is destroyed in the first 9 minutes, the next Turret in the same lane will increase its Defense. Team gold bonus from killing enemies is increased, with a high net worth of 33%.

Spawn intervals of Serpent and Fiend have been reduced from 120s to 90s. The durations of Soul of Wind buff & Soul of Lava buff have been reduced from 120s to 75s.

Jungle Monsters – Mobile Legends


  • EXP growth: From 5 →  2.5
  • Base Gold: From 43 →  32
  • Gold growth: From 1.43 → 1.07

Big Serpent 

  • EXP growth: From 5 → 2.5
  • Base Gold: From 43 → 32
  • Gold growth: 1.43 → 1.07

Small Serpent 

  • Base EXP: From 86 → 78
  • Exp growth: From 2 → 0.8
  • Base Gold: From 8 → 6
  • Gold growth:From  0.21 → 0.15

Above are the details from Mobile Legends 1.5.36 Patch notes.