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Mobile Legends: Latest Redeem Codes for December 2020!

Mobile Legends

Do you love free stuff? Especially, when it comes to your favourite game. Moonton sometimes will present interesting events with in-game prizes such as double gold, double EXP, Fragments, free skins and many more in Mobile Legends. But not just only through events, players can get their hands on some of these free attractive prizes from Moonton by using codes!

Today, We will present you with the latest Redeem Codes!

Mobile Legends

These codes are also quite hard to obtain. Just like PUBG Mobile redeem codes, the players can only redeem these codes for a certain number of times before they expire.

You can get these prizes by exchanging the redeem code that you can find here.

Redeem Code for December 2020!

New code fresh on 15 December:






Or you can try some old codes for those who have never redeemed:







What Are Mobile Legends Redeem Codes?

Mobile Legends redeem codes are free items and currencies that you can claim. Only a certain number of players can redeem them before they expire, so get them while you can.

How Do I Redeem Codes?

In order to redeem your Mobile Legends codes, you need to visit MobileLegends website. From here, you can enter the code, your Game ID, which you can find by tapping your user icon. Click on the verification code on the send option. Click redeem. After you have done that, You will then find the items in your in-game inbox.

These are some of the latest Mobile Legends redeem codes in December 2020! Redeem the Mobile Legends redeem codes immediately! Stay tuned for more news and updates!