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Mobile Legends live stream: How to Activate Live Streaming!

Mobile Legends live stream

The Mobile Legends live stream feature added by Moonton has many benefits. Not only is it iscool, but you can also get recognition. If you’re lucky, you can also get attractive prizes from your audience. To activate Mobile Legend live streaming is quite easy, you don’t need additional applications.

Mobile Legends live stream

You can broadcast live games and be watched by players from all corners of the world. There’s nothing wrong with it, to show your gameplay.  So, in case you are confused, We will tell you how to activate the live stream .

Requirements to Activate Mobile Legends Live Stream

There are conditions that you must fulfill to enable Mobile Legend live streaming . First, you have to reach a minimum Tier Rank Master and make sure your internet is stable!

Everyone has the right to use this feature. Moonton also prepared a feature by activating Mobile Legend live stream .  

So, it can be concluded, there are only two requirements for live streaming of Mobile Legends, namely Rank Master, and the internet.

How to Activate

In order for you to show off your abilities, live streaming Mobile Legends is the best method to try. To activate Mobile Legend Live stream is quite easy. You don’t need to install anything .

Mobile Legends contains a form of light video game that is just under 100 MB. It is compatible with a 1GB RAM smartphone and plays a classic 5v5 style of playback. To beat your opponent’s hero or squad, this game is based on three different lanes.

 By the way, it’s very easy to activate live streaming where you can do it in the following steps:

Login to the Mobile Legends game , as usual. Click “Live Stream” button on the left side of the page. 

Then in the top right corner, click “My Live Channel” or “My Live Channel”. You only need to click the “Active” or “On” button to activate your Mobile Legend live streaming . 

Do the same steps if you want to turn off live streaming.You can also put or add a title for your Mobile Legend live streaming .That’s all.

Mobile Legends live stream

Well, if you want to see other players streaming, You only need to enter your game’s “Profile” menu, then click the “Stream Info” menu. As long as the live stream button is active, your friends can join in watching when you play.

Meanwhile, the live stream of Mobile Legends on Facebook is almost like sharing on Youtube.

However, you do not select a Youtube Facebook menu and start logging in to the game. After clicking on Facebook, start the menu. This means that when you play in this game, you’ve shared live streaming.

It is important that you know that in this feature Moonton also gives the audience the opportunity to be involved,  Viewers who see your live stream can give gifts in the form of Diamonds ,Flower, Jewelry, Yacht, Roadster, and Airplane.

You could say, this is one of the faster ways to get Diamond for free! If your broadcast is interesting, it’s not impossible for generous viewers to suddenly reward Diamond to you!

So, Stay tuned for more articles and news!