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Mobile Legends: Mathilda’s, the First Support / Assassin Hero in the Land of Dawn

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has just arrived with a special Hero, Mathilda. The reason is, the Hero design was inspired by the Indian tribe, and she is the first Support / Assassin in the game made by Moonton. She is also scheduled to be released for free on December 12, 2020.

To welcome its release, We will review some of Mathilda’s skills. Can this Support / Assassin Hero be able to revive the meta  that has now been replaced by the Mage / Tank?

Have a look below at the following Mathilda Mobile Legends Guide!

Mobile Legends

A Hero Support Who Can Solo Kill!

In the pro scene, pro teams often rely more on the composition of a Tank and a Mage to assist in supporting. However, Mathilda’s presence seemed to give hope for the revival of Support meta. Due to her ability to produce high damage, it is very effective in assisting the team in eliminating enemies.

Mathilda skill – Soul Bloom, which is her main attack skill. When activated, Soul Bloom will summon wisp according to its movement distance (up to a maximum of six wisp). Each wisp can deal Magical Damage of 160-180 Magic Damage. 

In addition, Mathilda’s ultimate skill – Circling Eagle will fly around the target. At the same time, Wisp will attack enemy heroes. When combined with Soul Bloom, this combo is guaranteed to be a solo kill.

Guiding Wind – Mobile Legends

With the passive skill – Ancestral Guidance, she can increase her movement speed (50% for 2.5 seconds) while attacking when the stack is full.  Apart from being able to increase her mobility, teammates surrounding her will gain a new skill – Guiding Wind. Which increases both of  their movement speed by 30%. The concept is actually quite similar to Flicker.

Circling Eagle – Mobile Legends

Circling Eagle, an ultimate skill that grants Mathilda control Immunity and damage reductions. While flying around enemy heroes, she can attack enemies with her wisp freely without having to fear CC effects. As a Hero Support as well as an Assassin, Circling Eagle helps Mathilda to survive longer in game. However, Mathilda needs to be careful when casting.

Short Cooldown Skill

Mathilda is a Support / Assassin Hero who relies heavily on the use of her skills in combat. Luckily, Mathilda’s skills have a low cooldown duration. So, Mathilda can spam her skills quite often in battle. Mathilda can use Guiding Wind to initiate attacks or escape. Use Circling Eagle, which cooldown duration is only 38 seconds to initiate or chase enemies.