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Mobile Legends Roger Build and Guide


Roger, The man who defeated the powerful Wolf King and became a werewolf himself. Roger has two unique forms: Human form and Wolves form. Hero is considered a marksman and a fighter. Roger attacks with a big gun when he is in human form, and when he is Wolf form, Roger will deliver dangerous burst damage attacks. Roger’s skills make him an ideal ganking hero. He can easily move across the map faster than most of the heroes. If you like to play damage dealer hero, then you should give hero a try. Now, Let’s go through the skill and build below.


Mobile Legends Roger Passive and Skill  

“Full Moon Curse” Passive 

Roger can transform himself into a wolf. While he is in human form his basic attacks will slow down the targets by 10% and when he is in wolf form his basic attacks will deal extra damage equal to 5% of lost HP of enemy (Damage Capped at 60 for jungle monsters).

“Open Fire” Human Form Skills- 1st Skill 

Roger fires twice dealing physical damage to the enemy hit. First bullet slows down enemy by 80% for 1.5 seconds while 2nd bullet will reduce the physical defense of enemy hit.

“Hunter’s Steps” 2nd Skill

Roger increases his movement speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds. This ability makes him perfect for rotation and ganking as he can easily move across maps and target enemies in other lanes. Use this skill for chasing, rotation or running away from enemies.

“Wolf Transformation” Ultimate

Passive – While in wolf form his physical defense, magical defense and movement will increase.

ActiveRoger jumps and turns into a wolf, also deals damage and slows down enemies in the affected area.

Mobile Legends Roger Wolf Mode Skills

“Lycan Pounce”  1st Skill 

Roger launches towards a target and deals a fair amount of physical damage to the target. If there is more than 1 enemy then Roger will chain the attack up to 3 enemies in total. During the skill duration Roger is immune to everything. Kills or Assists reduces the cooldown of this skill by 80%.

“Bloodthirsty Howl” 2nd Skill

Roger howls and increases his attack speed significantly for 5 seconds. If there is an enemy with less than 40% HP nearby, Roger will gain 50% movement speed as well as their location will be revealed to roger.

“Restore Human Form” Ultimate

Roger rolls in a specific direction and changes back to human. He gains shield for 1.5 seconds.

This skill can be used to go through walls and obstacles so use it for escaping. The shield provided by this skill can be a lifesaver.

Item Build


The reason for using Swift Boots is because, the faster Roger attacks, the faster kills its enemy. 

Endless battles give additional mana regen, health, physical attack, cooldown reduction, and even Lifesteal. In addition, the passive from Endless battle can also increase the overall damage. Every time you use a skill, Roger’s next attack will provide an additional physical attack. This will help in killing enemy heroes fast.

One of the most crucial items to increase Roger’s overall damage. Berserker’s Fury grants an additional 25% Critical chance, and each Critical Damage will increase by 40%. With this item, you can kill almost all squishy enemies in the game.

Next item is Scarlet Phantom. It will increase Critical Chance, which is very much needed. Scarlet Phantom will also increase the player’s attack speed. 


Rose Gold Meteor is quite important if you face a mage. In addition, this item increases Magic resist, you will also get additional shield and lifesteal. so it’s recommended.

Lastly, You can purchase Blade Of Despair. It adds +160 attack damage and 5% moving speed. When deals damage to the target with 50% HP, It will increase the hero’s Physical Attack by 25% for 2s.