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5 Best Recommended Mobile Legends Support Heroes in 2020

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Mobile Legends really needs the presence of support heroes. You can say that a support hero is the least popular role in Mobile Legends. However, a support role is essential. A good support can determine the outcome and victory of the team. Mobile Legends has several great support heroes that you can use. So today, We will bring you with our 5 recommendations for the best mobile legends support heroes. Let’s take a look below.

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Kaja – Mobile Legends

Kaja, A support hero in mobile legends with annoying crowd control skills. Kaja’s ultimate allows him to bind and pull the enemy for several seconds, this is a good skill for taking out squishy heroes such as mage and marksman hero, making the enemies unable to do anything. Kaja skill 2 – gale force provides himself and his teammates a shield plus additional movement speed. In the higher-tier ranked match or at tournaments, Kaja is mostly banned.


The beautiful love bunny is still one of the best support class hero in Mobile Legends. Angela is capable of healing and she can attach herself to an ally, teleporting, and giving shield to the selected target. Angela can also inflict crowd control effects and immobilizes the enemies using her skills 2 – Puppet on a String. To use this hero efficiently, map awareness and extra attention to teammates is essential.

Estes – Mobile Legends

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Moon Elf King, Estes is the best healer in Legends and he is also one of the best support mage heroes since he can provide his team with more survivability. Not only that, He can also slow enemies’ movement speed using his skill – Domain of Moon Goddess. As an Estes player, You need to be near your teammates almost all the time. Estes has the ability to heal his teammates consistently without having them worry about running out of hp while engaging enemies.


Another annoying support hero in Legends is Diggie. This support hero is one of the best support heroes since Diggie has the scouting ability via it passive, which allows Diggie to transform into an egg upon dying, allowing you to move freely and map out enemy locations. Diggie’s ultimate skill can purify all crowd control effects within its range, allowing your team to move freely without having to worry about getting caught off guard by the enemies.

Carmilla – Mobile Legends

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Lastly is Carmilla. Carmilla is a support hero in mobile legends with bothersome skills. She can stack and decrease enemies’ hero’s magic and physical defenses. Moreover, she has high life steal and also the ability to stun enemies. Carmilla also can be use as a backup damage dealer or a jungler. We recommend you to give it a try if you want to play as a support.