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Mobile Legends: The 5 Most Beneficial Updates for Players that Will Come Soon

Mobile Legends

It has been two years or more that Mobile Legends has been in the gaming industry, where they have updated a lot since their initial release. Regarding this, MobileLegends will update their game system again, where this system will greatly benefit the players. 

This was officially announced by Moonton through the Mobile Legends youtube channel, which We will summarize for you!

Let’s take a look at the following details.

Mobile Legends


First, from the performance, where later the system in MobileLegends will reduce the level of fractures in the game.

Later there will be a recommendation button on the settings tab for setting up all the graphic settings yourself in MobileLegends according to the capabilities of your mobile device. 

The memory size of MobileLegends will also be reduced so that the level of broken pieces in the game will be smaller.

Loading Efficiency – Mobile Legends

Moonton has greatly increased the loading speed of the players before entering the match. So no more boredom waiting on the loading page.

In-Game Download Efficiency

Many of the changes that occur in the first in-game download feature will include clear notifications regarding in-game downloads.

You can choose what hero skins with high graphics you want to download or not and also the download speed will be doubled.

Crash Frequency Rate – Mobile Legends

The in-game crash rate on Mobile Legends will decrease, Moonton will detect the player’s device by itself and determine the appropriate application package.

Reconnecting Experience

As for the last one is a new feature, if you exit the Mobile Legends application while playing. Then the system will take you directly to the match again without going to the main page first.

Those are some of the changes or updates that Moonton will apply to the MobileLegends game, keep in mind that these changes have not been officially released to the original server. Or you can check out the link from Mobile Legends youtube channel below.

Performance Optimization | MobileLegends: Bang Bang

Stay tuned for more updates and information!