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Mobile Legends : Things that you need to know

Mobile Legends

What is Mobile Legends? Mobile Legends is a free-to-play game available on Android and iOS. Mobile Legends is a 5v5 online MOBA Game. Similar to League of Legends: Wild Rift or Arena of Valor. Mobile Legends require teamwork, strategy, mechanical skill, and knowledge of each heroes, items, and abilities – but don’t you worry, we’re here to help you get started with our Mobile Legends guide.

Mobile Legends

There are three lanes in Mobile legends – top, bottom, and middle. There are turrets in all three lanes. Your main goal is to destroy waves of minions and turrets. Once you pass the turrets, you will reach the enemy base. Throughout the match, you gain levels and golds by killing minions and enemy heroes. There are different maps that will depend on game modes. Some maps have different variants based on seasonal events. Each map will be based on the Land of Dawn.

Mobile Legends

How do I play?

Once you’ve downloaded the game, you’ll be taken through a short tutorial that will teach you how to navigate the map, use your abilities, and purchase items. You’ll need to go through a few practice matches before you can start playing classic mode or ranked mode. After the practice matches, you’ll be competing against players from around the globe.

How do I unlock Mobile Legends characters?

Every week, Mobile Legends heroes are rotated into the free hero, allowing you to play them in classic mode. If you are a Starlight Member, you’ll have access to the Starlight Free Heroes which you can use in ranked mode. To unlock Mobile Legends Hero permanently,  you need Battle Points. You can earn Battle Points by winning games and daily unlocks. You also can unlock heroes through Hero Fragments, Tickets, or Diamonds. In order to obtain Mobile Legends Diamonds, you’ll need to purchase them in-game.

How do I unlock Mobile Legends battle spells?

Players can equippied a Battle Spell before the start of each match. Battle Spells grants players additional ability for their hero. You can choose only one battle spell in each match. You won’t have all access to the battle spells initially, but you can unlock them one by one by leveling up your account. Below are the Battle Spells that  you can unlock at each level.

Execute and Retribution at level 1, Inspire at level 5, Sprint at level 7, Revitalize at level 9, Aegis at level 11, Petrify at level 13, Purify at level 15, Flameshot at level 17, Flicker at level 19, Arrival at level 21, and Vengeance at level 23. 

How do I change my Mobile Legends item build?

During the game, you can buy items by clicking on the gold icon, which will take you to the item shop. These items can be purchased at any time while in a match. However, each hero can only hold up to six items. If you are unsure which items to build, You can choose from premade builds in the lobby after selecting your hero. 

What are different ranks in Mobile Legends?

The ranks in game are from the lowest to highest:: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic. You will start in the Warrior division as default. Each time you win a match in a Ranked Game, you will be awarded one star, while losing a Ranked Game will deduct one star. For instance, Warrior rank has 3 stages and each stage requires 3 stars to advance to the next stage. If a player in your team goes AFK, which in this case your star is protected – but only for one time if it happens.