August 3, 2021


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Mobile Legend: What to lookout for a Cheater

Mobile Legend

Nobody likes cheating, especially not Moonton, the Mobile Legends developer. Getting caught in Mobile Legends using hacks can result in the termination of your entire account, meaning any progress you have made is permanently deleted. 

Mobile Legend

The map hack that allows players to see hidden characters is the most popular hack. When someone can simply negate their primary abilities, this makes specific heroes feel useless. 

There are also cracked APKs that promise unlimited diamonds, but your account will also be prohibited instantly by this hack.

Another aspect of Mobile Legends hack has nothing to do with in-game play, and is focused solely on your account’s security. Your account has most likely been compromised if you have ever tried to log in and noticed that your password doesn’t work. 

All the steps you need to take to ensure that this never happens to you are covered.


If you ever see a Mobile Legends APK website that unlocks unlimited diamonds and battle points, this is exactly the kind of thing that will be banned from your account. These hacks claim to work, but within hours, they will have your account shut down.

Moonton is very good at stopping hackers from disrupting games, and banning individuals who try to unlock unlimited diamonds is even quicker. Do not fall for these scams-this is a guaranteed way of forever losing your account.


The most common in-game hacking method comes in the form of a map hack, as mentioned earlier. These map hacks are mainly found through cracked APKs on Android devices, though on Google Play you won’t usually find something like this. 

Especially in a high-skilled game like Mobile Legends, where players are able to predict the moves of their opponent, it is particularly difficult to judge whether or not someone is cheating.

To rule out the possibility that you were simply outplayed, make sure to study any gameplay you’ve captured from the suspected cheater. It’s a lot more common than people assume, and to avoid wasting the developer’s time on a false allegation, it’s worth double checking.

REPORT HACKERS – Mobile Legends

There are two forms of player reporting. At the end of every match, the first method appears in-game. As Moonton has all the information it needs in one place, this method is by far the easiest and most effective way to report players. 

The second technique involves reporting on Reddit, but to back up your claim, you will need a lot of data.

In Mobile Legends, here’s how to report on hackers:

You should see a red exclamation mark at the end of a match, with the word Report beneath it. 

You can highlight any of the nine other players who have participated in the match by pressing this button.

Pick a red exclamation mark next to the hero of the cheating player. Select ‘Using Cheat’ when the four options are presented.

The player should be banned soon enough if your suspicions are correct.