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Mobile Legends: who hero well in Ranked but not Seen in the Tournament

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This is the one of the best heroes in the ranked match in Mobile Legends, but this hero is not often seen in the tournament. The hero in question is Guinevere! She is a mage / fighter in Mobile Legends with magical damage. Usually, Guinevere is used in sidelane like other fighter heroes in general.

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Guinevere was given free for players in October 2020 through a Mobile Legends event. So indeed this hero should already be owned by most Mobile Legends players. But other than that, what makes this hero perform so well in ranked matches?

She Is a Hero Who Is Easy To Use – Mobile Legends

Many players like to choose Guinevere in ranked because her skill is easy-to-understand and she also has high lifesteal. Her Skill 2 can be used to escape or attack. Guinevere’s skill 2 + ultimate can lock the opponent’s hero so they will be caught in her attacks.

She Can Burst Enemies In One Combo

In terms of damage, this hero is quite deadly in her burst damage when she combines with Execute spell. Most assassin / mage heroes can be destroyed by her in one combo.

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Why Did Guinevere Not Seen in Most Tournaments?

One of the reasons is that she is quite squishy compared to other Hero Meta Sidelaner.

She also relies too much on her Combo Skills. It’s true that when all of her combo skills hit its targets, she can pick up 1-2 kills in an instant.

But if all of her combo misses, Guinevere will be useless for a while until her skill cooldowns again. And when her opponent is a pro player, it will be quite difficult for Guinevere’s combos skills to land on its targets. 

Hopefully, Guinevere can enter the Mobile Legends professional Meta tournament soon.