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Top 3 Best Modern Post-Apocalyptic Games

modern post-apocalyptic

Post-apocalyptic video games are hugely popular and we’ve always found this setting to tell their story or provide some entertainment. In this list, we’ll feature fifteen amazingly modern video game releases that take on a post-apocalyptic theme. As a result, we’ll stick with modern post-apocalyptic games or remastered versions that came out at least in the last-gen console platform era, so anything before that won’t be listed below. Likewise, since these games can be quite different in genre and gameplay, don’t assume that these games are ranked in a particular order.

The Last of Us Remastered

modern post-apocalyptic

The Last of Us was a huge hit on PlayStation 3 and not long after the PlayStation 4 came out, we had a remake of the game. In this game, the player is faced with a virus that turns a human into a zombie-like fungus-infected creature. Most of the world has been taken over and with no real government control, makeshift small towns and factions have been built to keep their groups alive and well.

Players in this modern post-apocalyptic game will take the role of Joel, a middle-aged man whose job is to transport a young girl named Ellie across the country for an anti-government faction known as the Fireflies. What their purpose with Ellie is and why her transportation needs are not initially revealed, but Joel reluctantly agrees. As players adventure through an overgrown world filled with hostile creatures and factions of thugs. Not to mention this is quite a brutal and emotional game story.

The Last of Us Part 2 – modern post-apocalyptic

modern post-apocalyptic

We can’t cover The Last of Us Remastered and don’t include The Last of Us Part 2. I’ll try and avoid spoiling any narrative content, especially if you haven’t played the original. Anyway, this game takes place a few years after the first game, where we get to play as an adult Ellie, whose world has been destroyed by an opposing faction. 

Now seeking revenge, Ellie embarks on a journey against all odds. This is an expansion game in the first part. Players will have more enemies, larger areas to explore, and an even more brutal gameplay experience. Likewise, with Ellie being slightly more agile than Joel, players will have a slightly easier time quickly dodging attacks and fleeing danger.

Horizon Zero Dawn – modern post-apocalyptic

modern post-apocalyptic

Horizon Zero Dawn is another great example of a modern post-apocalyptic video game title. Released in 2017 by Guerrilla Games, the same development team that worked on the Killzone franchise for Sony, chose to deliver a new action role-playing adventure. Players are moving far into the future where humanity has long since collapsed. With only the shells of cities that once flourished, players will find that what is left of humanity has reverted to native tribes.

Before, little was known about the world, but we know that humans are no longer the biggest threat in the world. Instead, we have giant mechanical beasts roaming the open world. In this game, players will take on the role of Aloy, a young female hunter who was abandoned as an infant. 

Raised by another outcast, Aloy grows up and sets out on a journey to find out where she came from and why she was dumped as an infant. Along the way, Aloy will explore the open world, battling against these mechanistic monsters, assisting those in need, and battling other hostile factions that are proving to be a problem.