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Mongols Civilization Guide – Age Of Empires 4 Tips

Mongols Civilization

The Mongols Civilization is one of the hardest civilizations to master in the Age of Empires 4. First, their buildings are portable, which means you can move your village around. Of course, this ability comes with its own downsides, such as the inability to build defensive walls or fortified outposts. If you can learn to use Mongol mobility to your advantage, you could become a serious military threat.

The Mongols Civilization Bonuses

  • Steal +50 food and gold by burning enemy buildings.
  • All buildings can be cleared and redeployed to a new location.
  • Start with the maximum population limit and no housing required.
  • Early Riders in the Dark Ages (I) and Early Lancers in the Feudal Age (II).
  • Duplicate production units or research advanced versions of technology using Stone.
  • Get +10 percent Food, Logs, Gold, and Stones from trader quotes with more Traders.
  • Transporters have +50 percent health and move 15 percent faster.
Mongols Civilization

One thing you will notice about these bonuses is that they reward early war. Right off the bat, you’ll want to start thinking about your military presence and start a raid on the enemy’s village. 

The hard part here is making sure you’re building up your resource collection and your troops simultaneously. Fortunately, one of your rewards is that you start with the maximum population cap. As a result, you won’t need to build a house, and you can start crafting as many villagers and military units as you can.

You will want more villagers to collect food, wood, and gold. Alternatively, you’ll want to build an Ovoos on a nearby rock. Ovoos is a unique Mongols item that will automatically harvest stone resources. 

That means after your villagers build a structure, they can use their time to gather other resources. Keep your villagers busy, so you can quickly build a mighty raider team. The Mongols Civilization are fighters, so having your army constantly attack the enemy will benefit you and allow you to collect bonus rewards.

The Mongols Special Units

Khan: Fires powerful signal arrows that strengthen nearby minions.

Mangudai: Archers can shoot while moving.

The Khan was the sole military and support unit for the Mongols. Khan acts like an archer in battle. Additionally, they can power up nearby Mongol military units when they fire their Signal Arrows. They are a great unit to accompany your troops in raids. If your Khan dies, they will respawn at your village after a short time of cooldown.

Alternatively, the Mongols could craft Mangudais, which were archers on horseback. These archers are very mobile and can adapt to new forms and strategies of combat quickly. They are perfect for raids and can quickly deal damage and escape.

The Mongols Civilization Throughout The Ages

Here are the things you need to prioritize in different ages as the Mongols Civilization.

Age One

Mongols Civilization

Start the first age of Mongols by making villagers and harvesting resources. You’ll be using most of these resources on military units, so focus on food and firewood. Instead of building specific resource-collecting buildings, like a factory, the Mongols construct a multi-use Ger.

There are a few aspects that are unique to Gers. Gers can collect any resource and move to new gather locations. When you start the game, let a germ near the villager collect lamb or deer, and a germ near the forest. 

Before you build your barracks, archery range, and stabilizer, be sure to create an Ovoo so you can start gathering stone resources. With your military building production units, you can start torturing your opponents by killing their villagers and looting their buildings.

Age Two

You’ll want to enter the second age ahead of your opponents to keep the upper hand in military power. To start the second age, build a Silver Tree Landmark or a Deer Stone Milestone. The Deer Stone will give your unit a speed boost, but the Silver Tree is usually a better choice as it will increase your economic power.

This landmark will allow you to earn more merchants while you keep looting your opponents. Doing so will help you establish a consistent revenue stream. Next, you’ll want to start building pastures near your animal harvest site. These pastures will spawn new sheep and continue to maintain your food supply. They essentially replace the typical farm bricks. Keep the pressure on your opponents by ravaging villagers and their buildings.

Age Three

Mongols Civilization

You should now have a strong economy, so you should start focusing on upgrading your army. There are two landmarks to choose from, Kurultai or Steppe Redoubt. Kurultai will unlock healing for your Khan and the Steppe increases resource output. Typically, the Steppe Redoubt landmark is a better choice. That said, if you already have the Silver Tree milestone, you may not need this economic boost.

If you decide to build a Steppe Redoubt, make sure to place it near the gold collection locations. This turning point would give the Mongols Civilization another major economic boost. Continue to use this increased wealth to create more powerful and fearsome military units.

Age Four

The Mongolian end game can be anything you desire. Build the Khaganate Palace or White Stupe to enter the imperial age. The White Stupa works like an Ovoo but delivers 240 stones per minute. This landmark is the best choice for you if you plan a defensive victory.

In addition, the Khaganate Palace will produce troop units every 90 seconds. Play to win by capturing sacred sites, killing your opponents, or building a Great Khan Monument. This last age is all about your military prowess and strategy, so be prepared to shoot everything other civilizations have to throw at you.