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Monopoly Guide – The Best Properties To Buy



Anyone who has played Monopoly will attest that it is an intense game that can lead to many heated arguments and anger with family members. This is because there is a significant degree of randomness to the game. However, experienced players know that by using a combination of probability calculations and sound investment strategies, it is possible to minimize the amount of risk that occurs in the game.

Dark Blue Set – Monopoly


While they are the most expensive tiles in the game and certainly worth having, the dark blue tiles are a rather complicated set of attributes. Due to the high price tag, building hotels (or even multiple homes) on Park Place and Boardwalk can be a long and arduous project to complete.

Of course, this is also something that promises very high profits when with only two houses, players who set foot on the Boardwalk will have to pay $ 600 to the owner. Completing the set can even be worthwhile without placing any buildings on top of it, as players landing on Park Place or undeveloped Boardwalk tiles will have to pay $75, respectively, or 100 dollars.

Brown Set

The advantage of having the brown property is quite simple: the brick is cheap to buy and cheap to grow. While the fully developed Mediterranean Boulevard is only marginally more profitable than a full set of railway stations, building a hotel on Baltic Avenue could raise $450. dollars for the small price of $250.

Many Monopoly fans love the brown brick. Just like utility points, they are extremely affordable in the early stages of the game, and at times, they allow them to build a serious budget before any other player manages to finish. a full set of properties of their own! The other side of the same coin, of course, is that during the end of the game they can become a liability rather than an asset – this, of course, refers to the Opportunity cards or Community Chests that make players pay money to renovate their property.

Red Set – Monopoly


Besides being an affordable real estate aggregator with a very high return on investment potential, the red real estate aggregator is also a real estate aggregator that players go to very often. Owners should prioritize Illinois Avenue development; it has the highest probability of landing out of all its tiles.

Experienced game players know that chasing red and orange attribute sets will be well worth it once they’ve finally completed them: they’re two of the most frequently landed sets, and possessing one in these two sets is a surefire way to regularly collect high rents from other players (unless they’re really, really lucky).

Orange Set


Monopoly veterans may differ in their views on certain other sets of attributes and their importance in helping players win the game, but all agree on one thing. fact: the orange set is possibly the most important set of properties.

Here’s why owning the orange set is a game-changer: “In Jail” (not to be confused with “Go To Jail”) is the most frequently landed tile. 6 and 8 are two of the most likely outcomes of a double dice roll used in the game. What happens is that St. James Place is exactly six bricks away from “In Jail”, and eight blocks in the case of Tennessee Avenue. That’s all but guarantees that other players will frequently land on these spots. Prioritizing property development is a surefire way to succeed.