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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Guide – Tips for beginners

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin features a variety of elements that fans of the series will be familiar with creatures, terminology, and mechanics being key elements throughout the series appearing. The Story spin-off titles, however, change it from the usual action RPG of the main series and instead offer a more traditional RPG experience with turn-based battles and a focus on more story-based.

Gather Everything – Monster Hunter Stories 2

As you explore the world, including Monster Dens and Everdens, there are various gathering points that you can interact with to collect a variety of items and materials. You should try to collect everything that you come across, as you will need a lot of these items to combine items, forge and upgrade weapons and armor, and quests.

Also keep an eye out for rare collection points, such as gold ore and gold bones, as these often yield valuable trade-in items that absolutely exist for a decent profit. You will hear a sparkling noise when you are near a rare gathering point.

Use the Prayer Pot

You can quickly recognize the large pot in each village with its strange face – this is the Prayer Pot in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Here you can use prayers and spells to add many superior effects to your character. Make sure you use it before going out into the world – you can have a prayer and a charm active at the same time, so use either. Prayer pots appear in every village center in the game for easy access, and you’ll unlock more prayers as you use more spells.

You can earn different enchantments as quest rewards, from Monstie Expeditions, or they can be found in treasure chests. When used at a Prayer Pot, each will give you a certain good effect for a certain amount of time, such as increasing your chance of collecting rarer ingredients for 30 minutes. Charms with the Navirou symbol will increase in time and last 45 minutes.

Complete Party Setup – Monster Hunter Stories 2

For starters, you can have five bouts of wind at your party, though it turns out to be six after that. Different winds provide different Riding Actions, which are special abilities you can use in the world. 

For example, the Velocidrome can use Jump, which allows you to jump over abysses or jump into other areas, so you can access new locations and more treasure chests. You should strive to have your team include the most essential riding actions that help reach all those hard to get to locations.

Also, monsters specialize in different attack patterns, so having at least one of each attack pattern in your party will help you cover all your basics in battle. As you progress, you’ll also want to include other notable monster types, such as cold weather monsoons when in frigid areas to stave off Frostbite.

Respawning Monsters

It goes without saying that monsters respawn in Monster Hunter Stories 2 when you leave an area for another location (not including monster nests), but some monsters stay deep in an area and move quickly out and after That running back to where they were born can be a pain. 

If you’re farming a specific monster that can only be found at the end of a certain area, such as the Pukei-Pukei near the end of Guardian Ratha Woods after you’ve killed it, you just have to hang around a bit (not in the menu) and the last monster will respawn.

In addition, many quests that involve defeating rarer monsters are repeatable, and some will cause monsters to appear on the main map of an area as opposed to the one you normally see. If you’re looking for monster parts to forge new gear, you can repeat these quests to respawn the monster you need and farm the parts that way.