July 27, 2021


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Morphling Dota 2 Monster From The Deep Sea



Without a specific shape, Morphling Dota 2 possesses a shape that is a raging wave. He brings endless obsessions. Especially in the position of Tanker and Nuker, this hero will promote the best of him.

Quickview of Morphling Dota 2


The quality of this hero is not so common in Dota 2. The heroes of this line, although highly flexible in battle. But few players choose because actually, he is quite picky players.

Not because this champion is not strong, but to fulfill Morphling ‘s potential you need a lot of skills.

In terms of physical damage, he is classified as a terrible item. He can play safely as a carry team. At the same time, you can also tank to withstand damage to allies.

His skill system does not have many effects. However, it helps to develop effectively in all aspects. Because these techniques have all about control, chasing, fleeing, and attacking. A comprehensive and rare quality in Dota 2.

Guide to promote advantages on Morphling


To play well the hero certainly you can not ignore the following tips:

  • A cannon for late game. At the end of the game is from the game’s blessing When everyone has almost completed their set of clothes is also his launching rampant. The comprehensiveness of the attack and defense created immortality in his form.
  • Balance physical damage and magic damage. This is why it is difficult for any tank hero to dare to solo with Morphling. He can deal maximum damage to any champion thanks to the hegemony skills equipped.
  • Can be quickly transferred from Tank to Carry with just one click. This also comes from his skill system.
  • The skill has a fast countdown so the skill is constantly released. Coordinating with a large amount of mana can farm neatly and continuously.

The system of skills that made Morphling famous

Waveform: a move that creates mobility for him transformed himself into a wave through everything. Any enemy unit located in his path will take damage. At the same time, he will not be targeted or affected by the skill of the enemy.

Adaptive Strike: Morphling unleashes a direct attack that deals cone damage. High Strength will stun and if high Agility will cause bonus damage.

Morph Agility gain and Morph Strength gain: this is a combination of two skills that help this champion convert. The first is about health points and mana. The second is about how to skill up and map appropriate items.

Replicate: this skill helps create a clone whose health and strength indicators are corresponding to the enemy champion. He can teleport to clone and replace himself as soon as he wants.

The top drawback:

Rely on a lot of farming or not. Whether to score a lot of kills or not. He is a hero with good farm speed. So the map is not difficult. However, no items will make this champion quite scrap.

Terrifying mana consumption is his huge downside. Especially with a hero who mainly uses such skills. Besides, the lack of mana also makes his two transformation abilities quite useless.

There is only one way to run and chase. Morphling‘s basic movement speed is poor. So in big fights, he has the role of opening fights. In pursuit, it is difficult for him to catch up with his allies.

Short-range and skill are mostly not specified types. Therefore players must also have their own skills. Especially in the direction of tactics. Timing at the right time of the move will help maximize your damage to the enemy.

Tips for maximum damage in this hero’s combos

You can apply the following strategy when entering a teamfight or single target battle:

  • First used Replicate to create a virtual clone to attack and confuse the enemy formation.
  • Use Waveform to penetrate into the enemy team or approach the AD or AP team.
  • Use Adaptive Strike to pinch the enemy’s leg to wait for teammates to rescue.
  • Switch between damage and armor with Morph Agility gain and Morph Strength gain. Customize according to combat to have the right stat form.