April 21, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing D’Vorah



D’Vorah first appeared in Mortal Kombat X, she had additional tentacles to service the deadly attacks. If you know how to use them well without touching your opponent, you can drain a large amount of health. Her body is at fault, she is able to summon and change the fighting style very few characters really can do. The insect queen sends larvae into her prey, spawns monsters to use as projectiles, and spits unhygienic things left and right. That being said, she’s also a fast and deadly Mortal Kombat character, keeping her own by piling up pressure.

Mortal Kombat 11 D’Vorah


First, let’s talk about her strong point. In terms of speed and agility, D’Vorah has some real quick moves and combos.

Her frantic speed can be used to put pressure on opponents. Relentless aggression is something you need to rely on when you play her.

In addition, the Insect Queen relies on her effective use of Traps. She likes to use booby traps in skirmishes. However, her highest lethal ability is Teleport, through which she can stun enemies and attack from behind.

She was also able to shoot out a bunch of bugs that also distracted the enemy and dealt damage while D’Vorah was able to finish the job with a brutal combo. Overall, you have a lot of potential combined while playing.

How to Play D’Vorah

Her projectiles and insect attacks are the perfect distraction. While the enemy is distracted, you can land in some quick combos and further increase your damage.

Flipping Out is a good move to use when your opponent loses concentration. You should also try to summon bugs to attack enemies to keep the game pressure and force the enemy to make mistakes.

Combos Tutorial

  • Yellow Jacket – X, Y
  • Black Widow  – X, Y, X
  • Bot Fly – Foward + X, A
  • Assassin Bug – Y, X
  • Wandering Spider -Y, X, Y, Y, Y
  • Siafu – Forward + Y, Y
  • Bugging Out – Foward + Y, Y, B
  • Killer Bee – Back + A, B
  • Lonomia – B, B


  • The D’Vorah error can be recalled at any time and cannot be blocked. That gives you guaranteed damage with just a short animation.
  • The overhead spin attack, “Flipping Out”, receives a Krushing Blow after landing twice in a row. You can use it once to scare the player to block the high path, then use her many low-range attacks.
  • Her projectiles are slow and do not deal much damage. But that makes them the perfect hiding place while you press on, prepare to combine or grab while they block the arrival of insects.
  • Which bug migration you can use will depend on the device and the move you have fitted. You should try a variety of movements to see which insects best suit your playing style.
  • In addition, D’Vorah also has a special move that spawns a baby beetle when you die. Your opponent must beat it before winning the round. This may not be the most efficient move in her arsenal, but it will certainly demoralize some players, possibly giving you a chance to win.