April 14, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot

Mortal Kombat 11 brings back some of the fan-favorite characters. After all, it’s a memory of the timeline of the entire series. But some characters are also forced to make players groan instead of cheering. One such fighter is Noob Saibot – and he’s back with a bunch of “troll-y” tricks to make his opponents angry. However, if you are a lover of special moves, you are bound to love him as much as you hate him.

Noob Saibot Strengths & Weaknesses

Noob Saibot

Every character in Mortal Kombat 11 has multiple downloads. With a combination of loot, additional items, skins, and more, you can tailor the look of your fighter just the way you want it. And there are some really annoying combinations – though the game does limit the number of possibilities you can bring into battle. Some characters are also more flexible than others, but all warriors, in general, have their own basic strengths and weaknesses.


Noob Saibot, according to Netherrealm, is a more distinctive moving character than most of its peers. And those particular movements almost revolve around shadow copies. These fighters act like bullets. The main difference is their versatility: shadow clones can go low, high, follow angles, and teleport. That makes them unpredictable and very good at “trolling” enemies, by hitting them when it seems they should be safe. That momentum is greatly increased when he performs 10 clone attacks, which will add a “Crush” bonus to his next clone move.

Noob is also particularly focused on low-profile attacks. That’s great for forcing the enemy to bow down and really think about where they’re blocking – something many low-level players won’t get used to.


The special move of Noob Saibot dominance comes at the cost of “normal” attacks. He has one of the most limited casual sets of moves in Mortal Kombat 11, according to the developers. That makes it difficult for him to come close to and mingle with other boxers – he needs to maintain distance to keep his advantage.

Noob Saibot Guide

Noob is a very good fighter when it comes to punishing enemies and making sure that Noob is as far away as possible from his enemy at the same time. Noob lacks mixed attacks however his attacks deal strong damage to enemies. His Shadow Form also assists him in combos making them even more special.

Empty Grave

This combo attack can be done by pressing Square, Square, Triangle. This is a very fast attack combo that ends with a powerful attack from above that can easily take down enemies. You have to make sure you land on the first hit because if the enemy drops below the first hit you will miss the combo. This attack is best used to punish enemy attacks.

Tormented Souls – Noob Saibot

This combo can be performed by pressing Square, Square, Cross. Tormented Souls is a great attack combo if you want to start a combo chain. If your opponent blocks this attack, it can be punished because they are very heavy, so it’s best to use this combo as a side option.

For the Brotherhood

This can be done by pressing Back + Square, Square + X, Triangle. This combo does decent damage in the middle and knocks out the opponent towards the end, giving you some space. This attack is very dangerous in the neutral mode so you have to use it between combos as it will also stun the second attack. Punish or Counter-attack with this attack for a powerful Crush with great damage.


This can be done by pressing Triangle, Square, Triangle. Resurrection is a very fast attack and will get you started some quick combos by setting your opponent in a vulnerable position. Combos that contain multiple attacks can also be difficult to block.

This is great for use in corners. However, be careful with the first attack because the attack is high and instead the enemy can get under the attack and counterattack with their own combo. Don’t continue combos if you miss the first hit.

Wailing Wraith – Noob Saibot

This attack can be done by pressing Forward + Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle. This is a good four-hit combo and one of the best to expand your previous combos into new combos. Avoid starting with this combo from neutral as the first hit is high and can easily be missed if your opponent dodges.

The final attack in this combo of Noob Saibot will knock enemies through the air, leaving them in the perfect position to keep attacking more. Its good range is also very good for punishing enemies with it. Your enemy can block the third attack in the attack and counterattack with themselves, so stay tuned. End combos early if the attack is blocked.

Sinister Silhouette

Noob Saibot

This move can be done by pressing Forward + Cross, Square + Cross. This is a useful move that not only damages enemies but can also swap sides with them. Low-hit attacks give enemies a chance to block. If the enemy blocks the attack from above, the attack will generate a Crushing Blow during the attack.

Dark Push – Noob Saibot

This attack can be done by pressing Back + Triangle. This is a very useful mid attack that can knock your enemies back. Enemies can rarely block this attack and it also has a very good range that allows Noob to land the attack safely even from a long distance.

Sneaky Saibot

This attack of Noob Saibot can be performed by pressing Forward + Circle. Sneaky Saibot is a two-hit combo. The first hit is low while the second deals high damage. This is a quick strike that is useful for many situations, and it’s not too dangerous even if your enemy blocks the first attack.