April 17, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade

The Special Forces General Sonya Blade is a force to be reckoned with. Using her fists and energy rings, Sonya is able to defeat virtually anyone in Earthrealm and beyond. It’s a practice that has served her so well since the start of the Mortal Kombat series – and the tradition continues in this latest game.

Sonya Blade Strengths & Weaknesses

Sonya Blade


Sonya, first and foremost, is a melee and personal fighter. Her mixed attacks force the opponent to guess which direction she will come from next. If they guess wrong and block incorrectly, you can blow them away with fast and furious combos.


The Sonya lacks long-range capabilities and heavy explosive damage – simple and straightforward. This requires a more aggressive style of play that causes you to face enemies before they can react. That makes partitioning of characters (e.g., Noob Saibot) extremely difficult.

Sonya Blade Combo Starters

Sonya’s main combo starter was her Overwatch (Back + 1, 2, 3) series. Back + 1, 2, 3 is a forward high attack that will fling the opponent up to perform a combo.

Combo Enders

Sonya has several ways to end her combos. All Sonya’s combos can be ended with Flap (Back + Forward + 4) or Butt Flap (Back + Forward + 2) and Amplify it for maximum damage. To switch positions with an opponent, Sonya can end the combo with a Strike, or Tap and Amplify it.

Fatality 1: To The Choppa

The first Sonya Blade Fatality in Mortal Kombat 11 is called To The Choppa. You can… guess why. You can also enable it with the following inputs: Down, Forward, Back, Back Punch.

The Choppa begins with the scene where Sonya calls a helicopter. No surprises yet. However, helicopters were mostly just hanging around and did not start firing at the target. Instead, Sonya launched her opponent into the air, approaching the wing of the helicopter, but failing to reach them. Sonya closed the gap with her enemies by shooting them repeatedly until they were cut to pieces by the vehicle’s blade.

Fatality 2: Supply Drop

The second Fatality of the Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat 11 is called the Supply Drop. You can enable it with the following inputs: Back, Forward, Down, Front Kick.

Here’s another Military Class Death if ever. Sonya opened the curtain by breaking the enemy’s arm like a stick of bread. That softens them so she can knock them down, flat on their backs. Then, a supply box would hit the center of their chest. “Supply” is actually an automatic turret. It aimed at the victim’s head and eventually opened fire – leaving a hole for the camera to see through the final killer.

Sonya Blade Tips

Sonya Blade
  • Sonya is an agile character, but her attacks don’t do much damage. At all. If you want to win with Sonya, you need to know how to chain long combos together.
  • Sonya Blade is also almost entirely a close-range character. You will want to see their faces all the time and hit any advantage you might have.
  • If the enemy escapes, you can use Sonya’s turret to put pressure on the opponent as you rush in.
  • Remember that most levels have an interactive option to jump out of a corner when stuck and others have an additional object in the middle of the level to launch. Since Sonya is at a serious disadvantage at anything but close range, it’s important to remember these and be prepared if the opponent jumps away.
  • Sonya’s gloves allow you to shoot a small pink shockwave, but beware – many of these moves have less range than you might think.