April 19, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Spawn



With more Kombatants returning and new fighters, Mortal Kombat 11’s DLC characters add both flair and personality to the title. Offering players characters like the Joker and Terminator, the game is not afraid to take it from outside sources to fill its roster. The most recent character added to the mix is ​​Todd Macfarlane’s own Spawn. An anti-hero is revered by everyone thanks to its innovative character design, compelling background, an incredible personality, and overall strength. Hellspawn has been a requested guest since the days of Mortal Kombat 9, and his incarnation in Mortal Kombat 11 doesn’t disappoint.

Strategy of Spawn


Spawn is a footsie character with long-range basic attacks and powerful close-up attack options. A variant of his From Hell that allows him to shoot gunshots from afar while being able to withstand low-range attacks. His The One variant gives him access to high damage combos. His Hellspawn variant gives him powerful mixes and transformation abilities.


  • High damage
  • Good mix-ups
  • Long-ranged normals


  • Highly whiff punishable
  • Weak counter zoning

Combo Starters of Spawn

Spawn can initiate fusion using his Back + 1, 2 string. Back + 1, 2 are very unsafe to block and should not be used as often. In his The One variant, he can use Charging Hellspawn (Back + Forward + 3) which, when Amplified, will fling opponents to create a combo. This is usually done after 1, 1, Forward + 2, 1, 3, 4 and Forward + 4, 1, 3.

Combo Enders of Spawn

All Spawn combos usually end with Fatal Phantasm (Down + Back + 3). Fatal Phantasm is a remainder and will leave him at + 4 when hit. Additionally, Fatal Phantasm can be Amplified to deal maximum damage. In his Hellspawn variant, Hell Chain (Back + Forward + 2) is used at the end of combos and can allow him to become invisible for the cost of a Defensive Meter. His Hellspawn variant also has the option to end the combo with Lethal Leetha Stance (Down + Back + 4) to Low Hell Chains (Hold Down, Release 4), which will switch positions with the opponent while leaving them quite close. when knocked down.

Vaporizer’s Visage

One of his main attacks to use in footsies is his Vaporizer’s Visage (Forward + 2, 1) sequence. Forward + 2, 1 is a mid attack forward 16 frames that can be safely hit confirmed into a combo. The second attack of this chain is a low attack that can make the opponent lose his guard. Spawn also has the option to complete the chain using Forward + 2, 1, Up + 2. Although Forward + 2, 1, Up + 2 is -14 on the block, it generates a decent amount of feedback in That only a certain number of characters will be potentially punishable.

Shroud Strike


Another powerful move is his Shroud Strike (Back + 1). Launched 13 frames, it’s a bit faster than his Forward + 2 and has a good range. Since he uses his cloak to attack, he can attack from afar without endangering himself. From Back + 1 he can use Back + 1, 2. The second attack of this chain is a headshot that can throw an opponent up to perform a combo, although not safe to block. A safer option is to use a Special Move like Necro Blast (Back + Forward + 1) after Back + 1 and Amplify it. In the Hellspawn variant, using Raise Hell (Down + Back + 3) and Amplified it or the lethal Leetha Status to a Low Hell Chain after Back + 1 will also make him safe when blocked. Due to a large amount of feedback, many characters will not be able to punish Spawn.