April 21, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: How to play character Scorpion



Scorpion is quite simple to play due to his ability to zap and move place will cause the opponent to give up. Due to the number of variations and moves you can make per character, we’ll focus solely on his Tournament: Deathly Sting and Hellish Inferno variations. In the first half, we’ll look at his variation of Deathly Sting, then we’ll look at Hellish Inferno’s moves.

Important Basic Attacks of Scorpion


Gut Slice (Back + FP)

It is a long-range sword that can perform a strike in the middle. With long-range, you can set yourself up some combo potentials easily if you use the Hell Gate right after.

Rising Cut (Back + BP)

Two-Slice attack with surprising long-range, starting with a mid-strike and ending with a header. It’s a great combination if the opponent is crouching and blocking the shots. In addition, it also creates a great drag if they are jumping towards you. Alternatively, you can cancel after the first hit on any special move like the Gate of Hell and the Spear to initiate a Kombo.

Flip Kick (Back + FK)

An overhead kick starts off slowly but jumps over low shots. Ideally, a low attack opponent would be susceptible to this.

Special Moves of Scorpion

Hell Port (Down, Return, FK)

With the Hell Port, Scorpion teleports behind the opponent and strikes quickly. When Amplified, it performs an additional attack that causes the opponent to fly in the air, meaning they are more susceptible to being attacked by a Quick Front Kick. You can also escape from performing a Streak or activating a Deadly Strike immediately after a Gain hit.

Also with the Deathly Sting variant, you can hold forward while teleporting to just rush backward, giving you some distance between you and your opponent. You can also press and hold while teleporting to simply move in front of your opponent without hitting your opponent. You should do this if the opponent is blocking, as they may be willing to counterattack.

Hell Port (Air)

It is like the Hell Port but can be used while jumping. Generally, you can trigger this any time in mid-air, but if you can do a quick kick before the trigger you can guarantee that the opponent will be vulnerable if they do. don’t block the kick.

Spear (Back, Forward, FP)

Yell at your opponent to get over here and you will grab them on a leash, hit them, and switch sides. This is a fairly slow projectile, but the payback is that it gives Scorpion plenty of time to adjust to yourself after the last hit. When Amplified it replaces the side switch attack with a push which leaves the opponent vulnerable to another Kombo attack.

(Air) Demon Slam (Down + Grab)

It is an air suction attack that deals a large amount of damage when activated. You can grab an opponent who is jumping towards you to deal some unexpected damage. Alternatively, you can incorporate it into the catch if you do a quick mid-air kick.

Important Kombo Attacks

Haunted (Back, FP, BK, FP)

A 4-hit Kombo that starts with a mid-attack, two low hits, and ends with a mid hit. This attack recovery time can be punished, but the range where Scorpion can start this Kombo can be beneficial if you need to get up close.

Dark Soul (BP, FP, BP)

A fast two-hit combo with one final mid-punch. The final hit is what you will do if you want to fool your opponents into rushing in too much. If they are blocking, try to stop after the second hit because the opponent can easily hit you after blocking the first two hits. It’s also a great move if your opponent decides to use slow attacks to hit you here. Additionally, the Krushing Blow can be activated at the end of a Kombo with 8 or more attacks. This means it produces a great Kombo-ender for great damage.

Soulless (Forward, BK, BP, FK)

Unique Kombo of Scorpion attack sequence starting with Low Attack. This is a great combination as it goes from hitting low, hitting high, then hitting medium. Unfortunately, it’s predictable since it’s his only low-hit Kombo, so try to stop if the player intercepts the second.

Hellish Inferno Variation


Wrath (BP, FP, BP + BK)

Wrath is a Kombo attack that starts with a high hit, goes mid, and ends with a swing that leaves the opponent in front of you. This is another Kombo finishing move that can be used right after the amplified Hell Gate after taking a step further. Also, It can also be easily used after a spear amplifies.

Hack And Slash (Forward, FK, BP)

A 3 hit Kombo move from mid, high, and low. In essence, it makes a good mix with that overhead shot but you can’t combine it because your recovery time is a bit low. However, you can cancel from the second hit on any of your special moves like Spear and Hell Port. Scorpion can also use the post-Throwing boost, which works as a great ultimate.