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Mortal Shell Guide – Tips and Tricks you need to know before playing

Mortal Shell Guide

Mortal Shell is one of the more difficult Soulslike games. Due to a large number of mixed enemies and the lack of good healing items in the early game, you may find yourself dying a lot. Well, to help you survive your first days in this bleak but beautiful world, we thought we’d put together a Mortal Shell guide.

Become a master hardener

Mortal Shell Guide

Harden mechanic is basically what made Mortal Shell famous. It allows you to instantly become invulnerable to most forms of damage, and you can do that whether you’re standing still, running towards an enemy, or about to attack. There are two main things you need to keep in mind when hardening:

First of all, in this Mortal Shell Guide, you can actually do it whenever you want, just remember to actually hold the button until it’s safe to move away or attack. Second, you can only do it when the meter is full. If you want to play it safe, step back after you’ve attacked, try to block and dodge to the side. That way you can wait until it hardens and continue the slow boss killing cycle.

Examining books to get weapons

Mortal Shell Guide

Mortal Shell doesn’t have many weapons. Thankfully, the weapons it had are really interesting. The game doesn’t explicitly state how you can unlock these, so that’s where we come in. You can find new weapons by going to one of the three smaller hub areas outside of the main hub. Each of them will have an anvil, one of the creepy women acting as a campfire, and a statue next to a book. Interacting with the book will end with you fighting a familiar face, and if you can defeat them you can then take a weapon from the statue next to it.

Find a weapon you like – Mortal Shell Guide

On the topic of weapons, you should find one that really suits you. Each of them has a unique attack style, some special moves, and a unique rhythm. You should unlock them all as soon as you can and you can do this by discovering many things and fighting bosses that allow you to use them whenever you find them. It sounds counter-intuitive to do so much backtracking, but well, you get backtracking anyway, so you might as well make it worth it.

Don’t have to fight – Mortal Shell Guide

Mortal Shell Guide

Also on the topic of weapons in this Mortal Shell Guide, sometimes your best weapon is running. There are many enemies in Mortal Shell. Every area is absolutely lousy with them. While fighting them is a good idea when you’re looking to upgrade a shell, otherwise, it can be a huge stretch. So sometimes it’s better to run through. Just don’t stop or look back, or you might be surprised.

Remember the name – Mortal Shell Guide

As you discover new shells for you to partake in, you’ll likely find one that suits your playing style. Each shell has a different balance of health, stamina, and special abilities. You should recall the name of each of them to check their skill tree, that way you can choose your favorite. If you can pair your favorite shell with your favorite weapon, then you’ll have a much easier time working. Also, and this is a fascinating bit of information, maximizing a shell will really help you and we recommend you do so as soon as possible.