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Motivade.Trust vs Yangon Galacticos Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/11

Motivade.Trust vs Yangon Galacticos prediction

Motivade.Trust vs Yangon Galacticos prediction

Motivade.Trust vs Yangon Galacticos prediction on September 11, 2021. Experts predict that Motivade.Trust Gaming will increase the speed of the game from the beginning. They have their own but strong individuals in the carry position like JaCkkY or Fearless. That will give Motivade.Trust Gaming the first victory in this match when the Safe lane of Yangon Galacticos is not a reliable name.

Motivade.Trust Gaming Overview

Motivade.Trust Gaming is showing that they are not too bad at BTS Pro Series. They have 2 wins and 1 loss, ranked 2nd on the chart in the group stage. Only having to meet an inferior opponent, Yangon Galacticos in this round, is an opportunity for Motivade.Trust Gaming to strengthen its position. 

In the previous two meetings Motivade.Trust Gaming received 1 win and 1 loss. But the loss was from last year and the last victory was in May 2021, showing that they know how to beat this opponent.

Yangon Galacticos Overview

Yangon Galacticos got themselves 1 draw and 1 defeat, which makes them only able to stand in one of the two bottom positions. The current form makes it difficult for Yangon Galacticos to expect a positive result. The statistics of the last 10 matches only brought back 3 wins, 1 draw, and 6 losses. Having to face an opponent much stronger than themselves, defeat is inevitable for Yangon Galacticos.

Motivade.Trust vs Yangon Galacticos prediction

The ability to defend Yangon Galacticos is also a factor to mention. There are almost not many counter-attacks coming from this team but simply holding the soldier’s farm tower. Before the powerful attack ability from Motivade.Trust Gaming, it is understandable that Yagon Galacticos had to leave the outer turret soon. 

Especially since ZawRain’s offlane position is said to lack certainty and is easily broken. When the enemy sends many miners to this position. Meanwhile, offlane player of Motivade.Trust Gaming Masaros has shown stability. Especially his ability to contribute in big teamfights is very good when he is often present in hot spots on the map. 

Motivade.Trust Gaming’s team selection is also considered more reasonable at many times. They can play diversely from the beginning of the mid-game or late-game. Meanwhile, Yangon Galacticos are easily caught playing cards when their mobility is not really uniform. Staying in the odd phase is also a problem for this team. 

That made them soon lose control of Roshan cave, making it difficult to flip the bet at the late game. The final score is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of Motivade.Trust Gaming is the opinion of many experts.

Motivade.Trust vs Yangon Galacticos bet prediction

Motivade.Trust vs Yangon Galacticos total score prediction:

  • Motivade.Trust Gaming 1 – 0 Yangon Galacticos
  • Motivade.Trust Gaming 1 – 0 Yangon Galacticos

Total score 2-0

Handicap bet (Motivade.Trust Gaming is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Motivade.Trust Gaming

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Motivade.Trust Gaming
  • Game 2: Motivade.Trust Gaming

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Motivade.Trust Gaming 28-16 Yangon Galacticos (Under)
  • Game 2: Motivade.Trust Gaming 31-18 Yangon Galacticos (Over)


Motivade.Trust Gaming: JaCkkY,   Boombell, Fearless,  Masaros, Q

Yangon Galacticos: Hao,  Skill Lay?, Young PH,  ZawRain, Lun