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Mount And Blade 2 Guide – Some Tips For Newbies

Mount And Blade 2

So you’ve begun your journey into the world of Calradia, a returning fan of the series, or just someone looking for something new and you’re struggling to get your clan going up and develop? Lucky for you, we’ve been deep into medieval battles and life over the past week, and we’ve put together some Mount and Blade 2 tips and tricks to help you succeed in the big game.

Build Up Army – Mount And Blade 2 

Mount And Blade 2

This might seem a bit obvious, but if you have an army of about 30-35, most bandits won’t even bother trying and fighting you. Crucially, these soldiers don’t need any formal training – you can literally hire them right from the fields to make them do deterrence missions.

Hire Cunning Companions

Mount and Blade 2 companions are definitely expensive, most of them start at around 1000 denars, and the rarer ones can cost more than 10x. However, even some of the cheaper companions are well worth checking out, especially if they’re talented in the ‘Roguish’ skill. 

If they have that ability, then sometimes you will be given the opportunity to escape before being caught. It’s rare, but it really makes a big difference. Companions can also lead other parties – although they start out expensive – which can become a reliable source for a trained army and a good source of income.

Finally, those companions will also be able to take on quests for you if they are skilled enough. At one point, we had three companions run the quest for me; all we had to do was wait for them to get my payment back.

Win The Tournaments

Mount And Blade 2

The tournaments in Mount and Blade 2 are the absolute cornerstone of my (very successful) play. If you talk to the arena controller in any city, you can find out which nearby town is hosting the tournament. If you have a few Denars to spare, it’s always worth the bets yourself, and then you just have to worry about how to get past the melees. Personally, I’ve found that constantly circling your enemies and snapping shots to their heads works in most forms of tournaments.

Once you’ve entered and toured the arenas, you’ll find yourself on a good footing and often have the chance to go through stages with Calradia’s big players. You can also use the tourney to gauge the combat effectiveness of potential candidate companions who, when not fighting in the arena, you can find in taverns.

Trade Smart – Mount And Blade 2 

When you’re about to tour the cities of the known world, make sure to hit every market you can. Your character will then be made aware of the trade value of the consumables and trading materials they hoard, something you can access by hovering over the item. If there’s a big gap in value between neighboring towns, there’s nothing stopping you from loading up before reaching your next tournament destination and offloading your merchandise for a profit.

Interrupt Battles – Mount And Blade 2 

Mount And Blade 2

This may sound counterproductive at first, but skillfully putting yourself at risk is key to success as an opportunist in wartime. If you see two sides you’re not affiliated with about to engage in a fight, wait and when the battle is over, rush in. When it comes to two factions fighting, you may need to be loyal to get into the fray, but just showing up can guarantee great fame, loads of prisoners, and plenty of loot.