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mouz NXT vs D13 Prediction – Malta Vibes Knockout – 09/14

mouz NXT vs D13 Prediction

mouz NXT vs D13 Prediction

mouz NXT vs D13 prediction on September 14, 2021. Entering the round of 32 in Malta Vibes Knockout Series #2. Perhaps everything is on the side of mouz NXT as the lucky draws help this team only have to face a weaker D13 in all aspects.

mouz NXT Overview

Although the two sides have never met in the past, mouz NXT is still completely in the upper position. They have played extremely well in the past time. Entering this tournament is not just a paved part, but the biggest goal for them is the championship. And to realize that ambition, mouz NXT needs to overcome D13 convincingly in the upcoming bo3 match.

D13 Overview

The fact that the house evaluates mouz NXT completely in the upper position compared to D13 is extremely understandable. Because the two sides’ rankings at this time in the world are too disparate. While mouz NXT won 5 of the last 6 matches as well as temporarily ranked at 37th in the world. Then D13 only won 1 of these and only ranked 182. It seems that if there are no surprises, mouz NXT will have a relatively simple 2-0 victory over the opponent.

mouz NXT vs D13 prediction

It will be a completely different match with the victory belonging to mouz NXT. The different level allows mouz NXT to enter the game comfortably without fear of D13. Ban/pick map playing for them is a great advantage because besides Overpass, any map can be played by mouz NXT and the win rate is always higher than D13 in the remaining maps. 

In the opposite direction, D13 can only play 2 basic maps, Dust2 as well as Nuke, ban/pick with them is also very difficult. Because there will definitely be a map that is banned and makes it difficult for D13 to get the forehand map. Also has no guarantee that they will beat the mouz NXT in that game. 

Mouz NXT’s first pick is usually Mirage while for D13 it’s Nuke. It’s not difficult to realize that both sides are extremely tired of Overpass. With such bans/picks, mouz NXT will dominate the match early to give themselves a 2-0 victory. 

The skills of the mouz NXT members are very good. They will soon help the team rise to the pistol round or hit the 5-round win mark. D13 seems to see this match as a place to learn and gain experience when their ability is clearly too limited. The gameplay is also quite predictable and Nuke even mouz NXT has an 86% win rate in 7 games played.

mouz NXT vs D13 bet prediction

mouz NXT vs D13 total rounds prediction: 26,5

  • Game 1: mouz NXT 16 – 11 D13 (Choose mouz NXT – Over)
  • Game 2: mouz NXT 16 – 8 D13 (Choose mouz NXT – Under)

First 5 Rounds Winner:

  • Game 1: mouz NXT 
  • Game 2: mouz NXT 

Match Score: 2 – 0


mouz NXT: JDC, torzsi, siuhy, Szejn, xertioN

D13: tamir, yAmi, shinobi, Annihilation, xerolte