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mouz NXT vs Young Ninjas Prediction – WePlay – 07/29

mouz NXT vs Young Ninjas prediction

mouz NXT vs Young Ninjas prediction

mouz NXT vs Young Ninjas prediction on July 29, 2021. In the first leg a week ago, mouz NXT defeated Young Ninjas with a score of 16-11 on the Nuke map, thereby opening their 7 consecutive victories in this tournament. 55th place is a well-deserved reward for the effort that mouz NXT has created.

mouz NXT Overview

Still reigning at the top of the chart with a record of 8 wins and 2 losses, mouz NXT is experiencing a series of 7 consecutive victories, as well as they, are showing a convincing face even though they were not appreciated before. 

Mouz NXT’s upcoming opponent is Young Ninjas and to ensure a first place, victory is the ultimate mission that mouz NXT is aiming for. That said, this is a good opportunity for mouz NXT when in the past they loved to face Young Ninjas. As long as the team continues to keep their focus, victory will only be a matter of time for mouz NXT.

Young Ninjas Overview

For Young Ninjas personally, the victory over NaVi Juniors brings confidence and also helps them to take 3rd place from the opponent’s hand. The problem is that in this round when facing mouz NXT, Young Ninjas understands that this bo1 bet will be more or less good. 

In all 3 previous meetings between the two sides, mouz NXT is the one who has won. On the way back and Young Ninjas will not want to accept defeat and then be directly raised by rivals. At all costs must defeat mouz NXT, but it is not an easy goal when the opponent is in very high form this time.

mouz NXT vs Young Ninjas prediction

Meeting Young Ninjas again, the ban/pick stage will probably hide many unpredictable things because both sides have their own cabinet maps. mouz NXT has Mirage, Nuke, Vertigo, Young Ninjas respond with Inferno, Overpass, or Ancient. 

The only Dust2 is the two sides that often play very little, so this may also be the choice that both sides aim to not give the opponent an advantage with forehand maps in this bo1 deal. mouz NXT is in high form, but compared to Young Ninjas, the experience and skills of this team are a bit lower. 

Therefore, the pistols or 5 rounds won first will probably belong to Young Ninjas. However, when the whole team had enough money and necessary equipment, it was also the time when mouz NXT was tit-for-tat round by round with Young Ninjas. Both sides have strengths and weaknesses, mouz NXT is flying high and controlling key areas better. 

That was the basis for them to get themselves an important key round to end the match with a victory over Young Ninjas, thereby strengthening their rankings after the next round.

mouz NXT vs Young Ninjas bet prediction

mouz NXT vs Young Ninjas score match prediction: 1 – 0

Game 1: mouz NXT 16 – 12 Young Ninjas (Choose mouz NXT – Over)

First 5 rounds win:

Game 1: Young Ninjas


mouz NXT: JDC, siuhy, Szejn, torzsi, xertioN

Young Ninjas: Sapec, ztr, phzy, nilo, Ro1f