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5 Best Multiplayer Survival Games To Play In 2021

multiplayer survival games

Survival games are plentiful in today’s market. However, if you’re looking for some cool video games that are still fun to play with an active community in 2021 then we’ve got you covered. In this list, we will highlight some of the best multiplayer survival games that you can enjoy right now. Instead of ranking these games in any order as there are so many different ways you can rate survival games, we just have a collection of great titles currently available with Some picks that we think you should keep an eye on hopefully release sometime later this year.

Dead Matter – multiplayer survival games

multiplayer survival games

Dead Matter is an online MMO where the game will feature a large map that can hold not only a huge horde of zombies but up to 80 active players. In a sense, this is similar to DayZ, where the world is yours to create and the goal is simply to survive through means of combat, engaging with players along with gathering resources. The developers are hoping to make the game a bit more permanent to play with a more in-depth health system that can help keep track of player stats from a variety of concerns that can range from negligence to massive blood loss.

The Day Before

The Day Before is probably one of the most anticipated video game titles in this upcoming installment. This game looks a lot like Tom Clancy’s The Division, with the player going around a seemingly abandoned city in search of goods. 

However, this is a game that focuses on the zombie apocalypse, so players will find the undead lurking. These deadly creatures will make things extremely stressful as players venture into buildings in search of useful items along with the ability to encounter hostile players. Therefore, having some friends join and explore the city with you can make cleaning up the buildings a little easier.

State of Decay 3 – multiplayer survival games

State of Decay 2 was mentioned on our list before, but we know that a new one is in development. State of Decay 3 only has one trailer at the time of writing this description. This is a cinematic trailer, so we don’t have anything remarkable about the gameplay but we expect the same overall mechanics from State of Decay 2 to return here. What intrigues us is the fact that there’s a mutant zombie-like deer eating another animal, which could suggest that players not only have to worry about survivors lurking around but and immortal animals.


multiplayer survival games

Breakwaters is a bit like some of the previous multiplayer survival games we mentioned. Here players are on a series of islands that can be explored and mined for resources as you try to build a base or collect goods to help you survive. However, there is also a bit of a supernatural element. The underwater giants will try to wreak havoc on the player when discovered. This will make every journey to a new island or out in the ocean a bit stressful as you never know when these giant beasts will rise.

Dread Hunger – multiplayer survival games

multiplayer survival games

Dread Hunger is an upcoming prank game. In this title, the player is a member of a crew trying to navigate their ship across the North Pole. While risking food and fires to keep warm, there are two traitors in the party who can spoil the food, lure animals to attack the party, perform blood-sucking magic, or even attempt to kill them. take down their group. barehanded. It’s a brutal game and one that’s expected to come out early in 2021.