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Heroes of the Storm: Muradin Talent Build Guide


Muradin is a Tank champion that is very good at disrupting enemy teams. During the laning phase, he can focus on disturbing the enemy’s rotation by descending and knocking down the enemy with the help of Dwarf Toss allowing him to easily escape and Second Wind denied all the damage he took when he stacked up for the Baseline Quest on Storm Bolt.

In teamfights, he can play defensively – by ripping and/or counter-attacking for his team – or aggressive – by joining and/or plunging into enemy Heroes vulnerable.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Muradin



  • Strong self-sustain
  • Decent crowd control
  • Good mobility


  • Inseparable from highly mobile Heroes (like Tracer)
  • Weak crowd control could stop Dwarf Toss

Talent Build Muradin

Basic Attacks Build

Perfect Storm (lv1) – Third Wind, Sledgehammer (lv4) – Reverberation – Thunder Burn, Give ‘em the Axe! (lv7), Avatar (lv10) – Haymaker, Bronzebeard Rage (lv13), Stoneform (lv16), Rewind (lv20).

His basic attack build combines good survivability with superior attack tools to continuously intimidate enemy Heroes at any stage of the game.

In particular, Give ’em the Ax! and Copperbeard’s Rage allows Muradin to put pressure on an enemy Hero in teamfights with one hand.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Being able to track his Storm Bolt with a devastating burst damage combo is what makes Mage (eg Li-Ming) his ideal partner.

The sequence of crowd control abilities is so valuable in this game that there’s another Hero who can provide this kind of effect from another Role (such as Blaze playing as solo laner) in Your team will make him a real threat to the enemy team.

Countered by:

Heroes that can do percent damage (such as Tychus through Minigun) can cancel his Health very quickly, especially while in the Avatar.

When played fast enough, Crowd Control Skills (e.g. E.T.C.’s Face Melt) put a lot of pressure on him as they can stop Dwarf Toss, his only form of escape.

Maps of Muradin

In the hands of experienced players, Muradin is adept on the Map, where he can use his innate regeneration and maneuverability to harass enemy Heroes and allow play for your entire team by safely invading the opposing part of the Map in the early stage of Hanamura Temple battle).

On the other hand, he plays badly on the Map where the Goal takes a long time (eg Braxis Holdout) because he will eventually run out of mana, effectively negating his Traits value.

Tips and Tricks

  • Storm Bolt should be used patiently and in conjunction with the Slow Thunder Clap provided when possible.
  • Thunder Clap is a good ripping tool, especially against melee Heroes who rely on basic attacks.
  • Dwarf Toss allows you to retreat when the Health is low, but be careful when the enemy Heroes have control of the crowd.
  • Avatar is a maximum Health boost that protects you from explosive damage but leaves you percent vulnerable.
  • Haymaker should primarily be used to eliminate enemy Heroes rather than for teamfights by pushing enemy Heroes towards your team.

Role In The Current Meta


Muradin is an all-round Tank that can provide vision, combat, and manipulation to teammates.

Thanks to Dwarf Toss allowing him to quickly escape when in danger, he can easily scout the opponent’s side on the battlefield to give his team a vision advantage, but only when the opposing team is in no charge. A tool to easily stop Dwarf Toss during its operation.

In teamfights, Storm Bolt and Thunder Clap are good crowd control tools that can be used to either engage enemy Heroes or transform Allied Heroes.