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Mutant Year Zero Guide – Tips To Help You Survive

Mutant Year Zero 3

Do you really like X-COM, except for its substantial insistence on making you miss seven 95% pictures in a row? Mutant Year Zero will treat you better, but it’s still an unforgiving game you play by its rules. 

Visit The Ark

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden makes it easy to travel between levels, so players should make the most of this opportunity. Go to the Ark (the game’s central world of sorts) between everyone or every few levels. Players will not only be treated to a short story from the man of the Ark but also have the ability to visit each store in Neon City.

Mutant Year Zero 3

Five Mutant players should not upgrade their weapons, buy team abilities, and look into the preparations of the shop owner, Iridia. She usually has a new weapon to buy, but if you can’t afford it, stock up on grenades and Medkits. They are relatively cheap and players can bring as much as they want. In the following battles, these items are needed to survive.

Delta’s upgrades are also important to keep guns relevant once the player encounters tougher enemies. Don’t feel attached to any particular weapon as you’ll find better ones, but make sure to always equip attachments like scopes to improve the gun’s range and damage.

Use Grenades Effectively – Mutant Year Zero

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While Five Mutant Zero focuses on weapons and player abilities as primary tenants on its turn-based approach, there’s a third element that’s also key to winning: Grenades. Each character can equip two grenades before battle, so players should make sure they use these slots effectively. Swap it out with two different items, perhaps a Molotov and a grenade, or a grenade and a smoke bullet. 

Throw them when enemies are grouped for maximum damage. And remember to keep that one smoking bomb when your heroes are affected by burn damage; It disables the effects.

High-Priority Targets – Mutant Year Zero

After the player has established a solid position before fighting, they should determine which enemies should be eliminated first. There are different types of enemies, from Pyros throwing grenades to stalkers trying to flank heroes and melee jungle hits. To win the war, knowing which enemies to prioritize is key. 

Mutant Year Zero 2

Take out the healers and the wise first. Healers can revive dead teammates or heal badly damaged ones, and there’s nothing worse than seeing all your hard work disappear with a well-placed Medkit. Smart people will call for reinforcement, which is always a bad thing, so get them out before they can make a sound.

After those enemies are gone, most other enemies can be dealt in any order, depending on the individual’s play position. We recommend “putting down” the area dogs quickly, as they can travel great distances and have their wounds hurt, then follow that by taking out a grenade. Their effects and damage products can make the whole team want to do it again.

Level Up And Equip

Mutant Year Zero

Last, but far least, it’s important to level up your heroes and equip the best weapons and loot you have in your arsenal. Do this before each encounter, not just at the start of the level or after accessing the Ark. Players should always have at least one Medkit and a few grenades before joining an enemy group.

Character abilities are also needed for later battles, so be sure to spend XP wisely. Mutant Year Zero is not generous with its points for ability, so upgrade the characters to your play position, but remember your playstyle should always combine stealth versus pure fire drug.