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League of Legends – NA Academy 2020 Summer standings

NA Academy 2020 Summer standings

NA Academy 2020 Summer standings

The 2020 NA Academy League Summer Season is the 6th season of Riot’s NA Academy League, the successor to the NA Challenger Series. All ten LCS academy teams participate in a spherical robin with the top six advancings to the Summer Playoffs. Below is the NA Academy 2020 Summer standings.

NA Academy 2020 Summer standings

NA Academy 2020 Summer standings
1TSM Academy8-280%1W
2Cloud9 Academy6-460%1L
2Immortals Academy6-460%1L
4100 Thieves Academy5-550%1W
4CLG Academy5-550%1W
4Evil Geniuses Academy5-550%1L
4Golden Gủadians Academy5-550%1W
8Dignitas Academy4-640%1W
8FlyQuest Academy4-640%1L
10Team Liquid Academy2-820%1L

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