July 27, 2021


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Naga Siren Dota 2 Is A Gentle But Also Tough Sea Goddess

Naga Siren

Coming to the world of battles in Dota 2, you will be immersed in the division between different generals. They represent different elements, Naga Siren Dota 2 will represent the vast sea.

Introducing Naga Siren

Naga Siren

For gamers who love Dota 2 themselves, the name Naga Siren has been mentioned quite a lot for hard games. This is one of the heroes of the Dota world possessing a mass of power coming from extremely large hand damage. Her ability to destroy units is making money. She is a perfect choice for players who want to try Dota 2’s unique champions.

She has advantages and disadvantages that you need to keep in mind. Try to optimize the effects coming from the skills. Limiting and completely eliminating the manifestations of weaknesses on her. Only that way you can own a true female leader. Let’s find out more about this Hard Carry champion!

Naga Siren Dota 2 and good gain rate

Naga Siren

Compared to many other carriers, our heroine has a fairly high and stable gain stat. A high stat means that she will not rely too much on items to increase her power. You can customize the items based on the situation and note that it must be based on her stat points. This champion will gain an extra 2.8 units of power for each level. The agility will be 2.75 units for each level achieved by her. An overwhelming advantage for a long-distance Carry.

Besides, having a good stat point as above will help Naga Siren very strongly in the late game. When the game goes to the 40th minute, the player has also reached a max map and additional points. This is the time when heroes with innate characteristics like her ascended the throne. Now our female hero will rage on every corner of the map speed and incredible power.

Some other advantages

Besides the main advantages, you can find in her nature the following two advantages:

Illusions: this is a skill that helps her destroys turret quickly. Despite the small body of a mermaid, her strength is too large. The fast burst speed means that this hero will be more suitable for Top or Bot than Mid. Once the pillars in these lanes are destroyed, the pressure on the Mid will be greatly reduced. You should consider before choosing the lane for her. It will greatly affect the outcome of the match!

Customizable gameplay: for her, there is no place she cannot balance. The system of multi-color tactics helps her can change depending on the objective conditions of the match. This hero can act as a carry, providing the main damage for the team. You can also put her in the support position because her control skills are quite adequate for a basic Sp. The flexibility of this style of play has helped Naga Siren become a very important card in the ranking battles of Dota 2.

The big downside of this hero

If the above advantages from this hero help you counter the enemy. Then the following weaknesses are what the enemy uses to counter you:

Poor farming speed makes her quite time-consuming to have the necessary items. Her skill system was activated so when she gets hit of control skills, she could only sit and watch. The skill system also does not support her much in farming. You need to be familiar with her attack speed to be able to watch the last hit, farm more standard.

She also has a disadvantage that despite maxing out the map like other Carry, the maneuverability and power are not equal. This hero is more suited to Pusher than to Carry. Try to choose Naga Siren for a kit and an appropriate hero. Promote both teams’ destructive power to become an effective Pusher team.