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Naraka Bladepoint Guide – Tips and tricks for beginners

Naraka Bladepoint Guide

The battle royale game shares some similarities with some ninja games, including the use of grappling hooks to get to high places, and while your arsenal has ranged weapons, it’s more focused on close combat. This Naraka Bladepoint guide covers everything from optimal movement technology and how to find consumables, to understanding the importance of knowing when to stop an attack.

Play The Tutorial – Naraka Bladepoint guide

Naraka Bladepoint Guide

Yes, we know, tutorials are boring and you just want to jump right into the action. We also noticed that you could have omitted a lot of text and just edited it.

But seriously, if you want to know the fundamentals, the tutorial is a safe place to learn the basic movements, the types of weapons you can equip, and certain items. It won’t teach you absolutely everything, but much of what you can learn is from mastering the tutorials.

Item Management

This is where most new players will have a bit of a hard time: item management. While new, rarer items can be obtained automatically, replacing items to increase likes is much more difficult.

If you find that you can’t select the item you really want, tap the tab button. It presents two lists – the items on the floor on your left and your inventory on the right. As Naraka Bladepoint guide, to replace an item, simply click and drag the item from your inventory to the center of the screen, then click and drag the replacement from nearby items to the current empty location.

Each item is divided into segments:

  • Souljades are buffs that are always active, you can have up to six items at any one time.
  • Consumables are placed in item slots. Each type of rarity item lasts longer or heals more health or armor.
  • Your total Dark Tide coins are shown below the consumables boxes and determine what items you can buy at the shops scattered across the map.
  • Weapon slots are found underneath the coin. You can stock up to four additional weapons in addition to the two equipped weapon slots.

As for consumables, it’s best to have two slots each dedicated to armor restoration, healing, and weapon repair items. You can then choose to fill the rest with pictures for your grappling hook or other consumables like fruit, flowers, or fireflies.

Weapons And Combos

Learn weapon combinations in this Naraka Bladepoint guide. It’s easy to spam the attack button and hope for the best, but this leaves you in a vulnerable position. We recommend learning the basic combinations of each weapon so that you can prevent upcoming focused attacks to disarm your opponents temporarily. However, parties are useless against normal attacks, so be careful.

If you are attacking and your opponent is looking for a concentrated attack, use the crouch button after the second attack to cancel your combo. You can also cancel a focused attack by dashing or crouching halfway. It’s also important to reiterate that hitting the first hit of a weapon combo leaves your opponent vulnerable to light hits (with the exception of greatswords).

This also applies to matches with different characters in the game, as some ultimate abilities can be counterattacked by other players’ abilities.

Armour – Naraka Bladepoint guide

Naraka Bladepoint Guide

With enough skill, even a regular tier weapon could outperform a player wielding a legendary tier weapon, although the latter tier weapon’s damage increased markedly. However, if you prioritize high-level armor, you will have much more durability.

Using Consumable

You can use consumables found in the wild to heal yourself instead of using items in the chest. Look for any nearby bushes as there may be fruit growing from its branches. You can pick the fruit to use later or use it there and later if you are craving its healing effects. You can also find certain flowers or catch bugs to gain different benefits. Here are all the consumables you can find:

  • Prickly Pear – slowly heals over a set amount of time for 60 seconds
  • Salak – restores armor slowly over a set period of 60 seconds
  • Dandelion – will silence your footsteps for 60 seconds
  • Fireflies – slowly gain Rage to increase your ultimate for 60 seconds

Ambush Opponents – Naraka Bladepoint guide

Naraka Bladepoint Guide

Speaking of grappling hooks, if you want to jump on an unsuspecting player, consider hiding on rooftops or high up, so you can take them down. You can also crouch in the bushes for stealth, wait for your opponents to run past, then sneak in from behind to take them down.