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Natus Vincere vs ENCE Prediction – ESL Pro League – 09/10

Natus Vincere vs ENCE prediction

Natus Vincere vs ENCE prediction

Natus Vincere vs ENCE prediction on September 10, 2021. It can be seen that the ban/pick phase will be extremely difficult for ENCE. Even though they have quite a few maps with a slightly better win rate than the opponent. But that slight advantage is not enough for them to overwhelm the opponent.

Natus Vincere Overview

Winning convincingly against forZe with a score of 2-0, ENCE went straight to the quarterfinals and their opponent is Natus Vincere, the world’s No. 1 team at the moment. Experts say that ENCE is very confident in this match, in the past ENCE has always been an unpleasant opponent when repeatedly defeating Natus Vincere. However, in this rematch, it seems that they will receive an overwhelming defeat when Navi’s form is very good at the moment.

ENCE Overview

With the top of Group C, Natus Vincere has a ticket to the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League, their opponent is quite difficult to encounter ENCE. The last 4 times they met, Natus Vincere was the one who lost when he received 3 defeats but only won 1. 

But if you pay closer attention, the last time they met was in September 2020 which means that it was a long time ago. At the moment, Navi’s performance is increasing very high when they won 9 in the last 10 matches, they will not have much difficulty defeating an ENCE that is quite inferior in terms of rankings.

Natus Vincere vs ENCE prediction

Experts predict that ENCE will be forced to get a new Ancient map while still banning Nuke to be safe, but that will help Natus Vincere bring back Inferno as well as ban Vertigo directly as mentioned above. 

In case if they have to shoot in game 3, Natus Vincere still has a lot of advantages, maps like Dust 2 or Mirage are all too proficient so they can completely win in these maps.

However, experts believe that Natus Vincere will only need 2 games to win this match when they are showing a too stable performance in the past time. The team is maintaining a high level with B1T or Perfecto or electronic, of course, s1mple is showing an impressive performance at the moment. 

ENCE is also doing well with the Spinx-hades-dycha trio, but these are the three members that stand out the most and also shoot at a decent level. They don’t have a prominent person like s1mple in the squad to carry the team when it is needed. There are no weak players in Navi’s lineup, so ENCE’s chance to create a surprise is almost nonexistent. 

That’s why experts predict the result of this match is 2-0 in favor of Natus Vincere, the important nature of a big tournament quarter-final. So Navi will not give the opponent any chance to flip the bet in this match.

Natus Vincere vs ENCE bet prediction

Natus Vincere vs ENCE total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Blues Win 1-0 ENCE
  • Game 2: Blues Win 1-0 ENCE

Total score 2-0 

Handicap bet (Natus Vincere is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Natus Vincere

First 5 Rounds Win:

  • Game 1: Natus Vincere
  • Game 2: Natus Vincere

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Blues Win 16-9 ENCE (Under)
  • Game 2: Blues Win 16-12 ENCE (Over)


Natus Vincere: s1mple, Perfecto, electronic, Boombl4, B1T

ENCE: Snappi, hades, doto, dycha, Spinx