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Natus Vincere vs OG Prediction – Champions League – 09/24

Natus Vincere vs OG Prediction

Natus Vincere vs OG prediction on September 24, 2021. In fact, looking at the win rate in maps, there are not many good choices for OG. When Natus Vincere always shows that they are superior in many maps. All 3 maps, Mirage-Nuke-Ancient, have seen this team’s superior win rate. So they don’t have to worry too much during the map ban/pick phase.

Natus Vincere  Overview

Natus Vincere vs OG Prediction

Having won 3 consecutive championships in major tournaments, Natus Vincere fully deserves the world’s number one position at the moment. They had their first match in BLAST PREMIER in the group stage with a confrontation with OG. This is clearly not an easy opponent when the last 2 times they met, OG was the winner against Navi’s players. Experts predict that with the current high form, Natus Vincere will still win, but it will not be an easy victory.

OG Overview

Natus Vincere vs OG Prediction

Despite being assessed as the underdog in the upcoming confrontation with Natus Vincere, OG is still a number one team, they are currently ranked 9th in the world rankings. Statistics of the last 10 matches of OG are not bad when they won 7 wins but only lost 3 matches. At ESL One Pro League recently they also reached the semi-finals, so their strength is not bad. OG still has unique cards that always bring their own brand, so the next match will not be too weak against Natus Vincere.

Natus Vincere vs OG Prediction

OG can still surprise opponents in a few picks, Inferno can be OG’s not bad map with a win rate of up to 80% in 5 shots on this map. However, perhaps the opponent will not let OG choose Inferno when it is completely possible to ban it. Even so, OG can still create an advantage for themselves in Overpass. Navi only has a 20% win rate in the last 5 matches on this map. Shooting in the opponent’s forehand map will be an opportunity for OG to bring home at least 1 winning game.

However, experts also assess that it is OG’s only chance in this match. The 3rd ban will end all chances of the 9th ranked team in the world. Because the opponent has too many but possible options, while just banning Vertigo, Natus Vincere will almost certainly win the 3rd game. 

Natus Vincere vs OG Prediction

Because just stopping Vertigo is the map that won’t play. The past 3 months are enough to ensure safety. Even if you have to shoot on a map with a low win rate against OG, Dust 2, they are still the top team. 

Remember in Dust 2 this team played 11 times in the last 3 months with a 55% win rate, while OG shot 3 times only had a 67% win rate. Not to mention that Navi is still in extremely good form under the guidance of s1mple. This player is playing too prominently at the moment. Despite being a united group, OG did not reach the level enough to threaten Navi at this point, so losing 1-2 in this match was a reasonable result for OG.

Natus Vincere vs OG Bet Prediction

Natus Vincere vs OG total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Natus Vincere 1-0 OG
  • Game 2: Natus Vincere 0-1 OG
  • Game 3: Natus Vincere 1-0 OG

Total score 2-1 (OG wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Natus Vincere
  • Game 2: OG
  • Game 3: Natus Vincere

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Natus Vincere 16-12 OG (Over)
  • Game 2: Natus Vincere 11-16 OG (Over)
  • Game 3: Natus Vincere 16-8 OG (Under)


Natus Vincere: s1mple, electronic, Perfecto, Boombl4, B1T

OG: valde, mantuu, Aleksib, niko, flameZ