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Heroes of the Storm: Nazeebo Talent Build Guide


Nazeebo is a mage that can deal a good burst damage and a decent amount of ranged damage, with some crowd control and high health. While his damage looks decent at any stage of the game, he only becomes a real threat towards the end of the game.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Nazeebo



  • Decent sustained damage
  • Good burst damage
  • Zoning potential
  • Crowd control
  • High maximum Health
  • Access to Ice Block


  • Weak early game
  • Zero mobility

Talent Build Nazeebo

Zombie Wall Build

Thing of the Deep (lv1), Big Voodoo (lv4), Dead Rush (lv7), Ravenous Spirit (lv10) – Gargantuan, Ice Block (lv13), Soul Harvest (lv16), Vile Infection (lv20).

His Zombie Wall Build combines a bit safer with a good damage ability. Thing of the Deep’s increased cast range at Level 1 helps Nazeebo hit enemies with his Skill. Although his early-game damage isn’t great, the additional Magic Powers provided will power up his Hero Abilities, which will make up for this minor weakness in battles. great teamfighting of teammates.

Corpse Spiders Build

Widowmakers (lv1), Hexed Crawlers (lv4), Spirit of Arachyr (lv7), Gargantuan (lv10) – Ravenous Spirit, Ice Block, Soul Harvest (lv16), Vile Infection (lv20).

His Corpse Spiders Build focuses on Corpse Spiders, providing him with outstanding explosive damage. Choose this Build when you need to take down an enemy Hero as quickly as possible, especially if they rush into your team but also when your Tank has short-range combat that can be used to check Crowd Control and allows you to easily follow-up with all your Abilities.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

To make him work, we recommend choosing a Marksman (such as Sylvanas) to ensure your team has a good amount of damage when your Skill is on cooldown and a Teasable Tank. crowd control (such as Mal’Ganis) that he will be able to follow with the Zombie Wall. There are also a handful of Healers that can gain value from the Zombie Wall after it spawns, usually by adding crowd control (eg Auriel using Detainment Strike).

Countered by:


Nazeebo was counterattacked by Heroes who could punish his weak early game (such as Sylvanas who could allow her team to push by using Black Arrow to disable Structures) and he nearly useless as the Heroes can easily escape the Zombie Wall and eventually dodge his other Abilities (eg ETC can use Face Melt to knock out Zombies around him or an Allied Hero is nearby).

Maps of Nazeebo

Nazeebo requires rotating between two lanes to collect stacks for Voodoo Ritual as quickly as possible and ultimately unlock the Vile Infection at Level 20. So he’s good on the Map where he can rotate loop between lanes quickly and safely (such as mid-top swivel on the Tomb of the Spider Queen) and he should not be selected on the Map where it cannot be rotated because there are only 2 lanes (like Braxis Holdout), where lane rotation would be slow and / or dangerous (eg Cursed Hollow), or on the Mid-game Map where there is little chance of reaching Level 20 (such as the Sky Temple).