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Necromunda: Hired Gun Guide – Tip And Tricks Before Starter

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun

In the grim darkness of the distant future, the highlights are dense. Streum On Studio returns to the Warhammer 40K universe for Necromunda: Hired Gun, leaving Deathwing’s ruthless destroyers to Underhive’s fast action. It’s a mastiff-eat-mastiff hiveworld out there; Life in the 41st millennium is harsh, so get yourself some Tips and Tricks.

Needs More Dakka

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Let me start with the most important bit of advice we can give you; non-stop shooting. Okay, we realize that’s a simple statement about first-person shooters, but hear me out. If you’ve watched any of the games from Necromunda: Hired Gun, you’ll notice that a lot of inspiration has been taken from recent Doom games. The pace of the game is fast and thrilling, and you’ll need to keep up.

The best way to do that is to keep that active, for two reasons. Your main source of healing is the Auto Sanguine skill, a Bloodborne-esque system that allows you to restore health after taking damage. The pace of the game can be a lot to keep up, so the best policy to keep yourself healthy is to do as much damage as possible. Don’t think, shoot.

Jail Free Card – Necromunda: Hired Gun

Remember how much we mentioned how this game imagines itself as a modern Doom clone? A feature of recent Doom games is the glorious kill, a close-range finish that instantly reduces health and armor. 

These aim to encourage players to be more active, a great way to bring back the classic arcade FPS gameplay. Looks like, Necromunda: Hired Gun saw this and wanted to try something similar. At close range, you can perform kills very similar to those in Doom, but there’s one obvious difference: there’s no stun mechanic.

Necromunda: Hired Gun

You don’t need to damage the enemy first. All you need to do is get closer and press a button. Every common enemy in the game instantly dies with a single keystroke. You are completely immune to doing this and will always have abundant health. 

This ability is so overpowered that it breaks the game, like a superpower you don’t want to use because it makes the game so easy it takes away from its fun. If you’re having a hard time with the game, then by all means feel free to use this.

Upgrades, Guns Are Good

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun gives you a set of biological upgrades to unlock, dozens of ways to make your super mercenary even more superhuman. These are really important, but we wouldn’t call it a particularly deep system. Meaning, we’re not going to recommend any particular character build. 

Health and mobility upgrades are key, the new abilities you can buy are nice but often situational. The ability to slow time or deal high damage to refracted shielded enemies is great, but this game looks like it wants you to do one thing, and that shoots your gun.

In combat, abilities are accessed via an ability wheel. You can have one of them mapped to a button press but the rest will require opening the wheel, which can be fatal in a mid-firefight. Especially when you consider the use of meditation as one of the aforementioned possibilities, suddenly others don’t feel so important. 

By all means, let’s play around with different bio-devices. Find the ones you like, preload them to the quick use button, and keep them ready for the next fight. However, if you don’t know where you’re going, simply sticking to your kit is probably your safest bet. That, and your favorite gun.