July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

Necrophos Strength Analysis: The Old Man With The Big Weapon



We certainly do not know that the name Necrophos with the best ability to win his own life. However, lately, this man has emerged as a powerful force on all fronts. From midlane, offlane to midlane, especially safelane, there is no sign of his teeth. With a 56.96% win rate, it is clear that Necro is making rain in every arena without being touched by ice frogs. So, let’s find out why this grim reaper can make such a storm in the carry position.

Necrophos in the early game


At this stage, the animation is quite slow, with average bullet speed, attack range 550, last hits, denies with Necrophos is not so easy. In the carry position, Necro is able to breathe a bit more easily with protective support by his side, giving him the troop stats needed to perfect his basic items early. Lv6, this is the time when Necro let go of all the accumulations that lasted in him, carrying his own stall and destroying his team. Just 1 moment of the careless enemy, Necro was able to ship a plate of chicken rice to the opponent in the blink of an eye

If taken care of too carefully, Necro can still stay on the lane with Death Pulse or join the army of the jungle, avoid being reported to his support team. In the case of Puck or Mirana offlaner, heroes that have extremely strong magic nuke damage from an early level, you should be careful not to die without yawning.

Phase Boots is an ideal choice for Necrophos at this stage. However, in the face of too much pain, you should consider giving yourself Power Tread to give you a bit more stat. Magic Wand is a very useful item for Necro. With 17 charges + Ghost Shroud, tada, you have cheese at level 10. In addition, you should complete yourself Veil of Discord to maximize your damage, as well as turn your row into a top mace. In case you are too rich, then Radiance is the golden item you should consider putting in your inventory.

When the enemy has too many nukers, you should consider using Force Staff to avoid evaporating in the team fight. In addition to that, you can look up Blade Mail, pitted the enemy’s lewd pain.

Mid game


If you want to try a bounce on the enemy team, 1 v 3, 1 v 4, look at your team raid boss, this is the best time for you to go satisfy your desires. With extremely powerful regen from Death Pulse with Ghost Shroud, extremely accurate kill-secure from Reapers Scythe, all you need to do is jump in. between the enemy team, turn on Veil of Discord, fill the row, spam Death Pulse, get rampage, ez game ez life, or get 4 reports with ina mo putangs when the team has to try hard to 4v5 defending the base. At this stage, when the enemy team nukers have enough items, the enemy carry gets Linken Sphere, Black King Bar or Diffusal Blade, Necrophos ‘s influence is quite limited. The task of the old man at this stage is to hold his position, waiting for the enemy team nuker to be captured so that they can spread among the enemy team, claiming away.

At this point, Blink Dagger or Force Staff are indispensable items to increase the maneuverability of this dagger, Rod of Atos to capture the likes fly and dance like AM, QOP. In addition, you should consider adding defensive items such as Pipe of Insight or Black King Bar to avoid being nuke damage or being kite to death without being able to release goods in time.

Aghanims Scepter is a comforting item for death old Necro, helping him to color bug victims continuously, persistently, giving the enemy time to relax alt tab reading after minutes of combat tired.

Necrophos in the late game

At this point, when the enemy carry has enough items to play with the team, Necrophos is strong in a different way. With the passive Heartstopper Aura, death is not caused by anyone, not even the most buffalo heroes. Continuous color bug with Aghanims Scepter with the ability to trigger a spin from Death Pulse combined with Ghost Shroud, Necro is like a dead fly, flying to a kill from the team you, then run away. During this time, Necro only needs to use skill appropriately, this old man will become a true immortal death, stealing victory from the enemy team.

At this stage, Necro should consider defensive items like Shivas Guard, Linken Sphere to increase survivability. If it’s too pale, you can go Heart of Tarrasque, 1 healthy, 5 happy.

The Dagon, Ethereal Blade are interesting options for Necrophos, giving him the ability to burst deadly prey, sending them off to their final resting place in 120 seconds.