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Nemiga Gaming vs Khan Prediction – Champions League – 11/13

Nemiga Gaming vs Khan Prediction

Nemiga Gaming vs Khan prediction on November 13, 2021. Although owning a quality jungler rather than a layme, that does not mean that Khan will gain the advantage in the early game. Even the first kill is predicted to belong to Nemiga Gaming is more.

Nemiga Gaming Overview

Nemiga Gaming vs Khan Prediction

Nemiga Gaming’s confrontation with Khan at the Champions League stage is expected to be very balanced. Not only because the strengths of these two teams are equal, but the performance is also similar. Up to the time of the article, Nemiga Gaming is still very volatile when winning and losing alternately. The last 5 matches lost 3 but won only 2. So even though they were rated higher than Khan, it was difficult for them to win an easy victory.

Khan Overview

Nemiga Gaming vs Khan Prediction

Khan is also in a similar situation, although they have just won the last time against Team Empire to cut off the series of 3 consecutive defeats, that is not enough. Statistics show that the last 4 times the two teams met each other brought 2 victories. It further confirms how equal the two sides’ strengths are. An unpredictable tense match is what experts predict about this match.

Nemiga Gaming vs Khan Prediction

They have a stronger SP duo VANSKOR and Heaven, which makes for a strong safe lane for Nemiga Gaming. This factor also affects how Nemiga Gaming’s carry will be green early in the beginning. 

There are two teammates that cover very hard and try to open a lot of teamfights early. However, if you look at the remaining positions, the inferiority belongs to Nemiga Gaming quite a lot. That is in both the mid lane as well as the hard lane when Ainkrad and TheChosenOne do not bring peace of mind.

Nemiga Gaming vs Khan Prediction

Both Pikachu and Mc314 are players with impressive individual skills. These two players can completely take advantage of their lane to relieve pressure in the Safe lane. However, Nemiga Gaming’s chance of winning is still more in this match. The weakness of the young player on Khan’s side is that Accell is always something that threatens Khan in this match. 

Especially this player is in charge of the sp position that makes the layme unsafe. If the safe lane loses too deeply, the probability of Khan being snowballed is relatively high. Even if Pikachu or Mc314 comes down to relieve it, even die unjustly. 

However, if Khan succeeds in keeping the game balanced until the middle of the game, things will be completely different. Now in terms of the main position, Khan is said to be better, leading to when all items are completely able to crush Nemiga.

Nemiga Gaming vs Khan Bet Prediction

Nemiga Gaming vs Khan total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Nemiga Gaming 1-0 Khan
  • Game 2: Nemiga Gaming 0-1 Khan
  • Game 3: Nemiga Gaming 1-0 Khan

Total score 2-1 (Khan wins the handicap 1.5)

First blood:

  • Game 1: Nemiga Gaming
  • Game 2: Nemiga Gaming
  • Game 3: Khan

Total kills:

  • Game 1: Nemiga Gaming 33-16 Khan (Under)
  • Game 2: Nemiga Gaming 21-35 Khan (Over)
  • Game 3: Nemiga Gaming 34-24 Khan (Over)


Nemiga Gaming: Kiritych,  VANSKOR,  Ainkrad,  TheChosenOne,  Heaven

Khan: layme,  goddam, Pikachu,  Mc314,  Accell