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Nemiga Gaming vs Spider Pigzs Prediction – Champions League – 07/26

Nemiga Gaming vs Spider Pigzs Prediction

Nemiga Gaming vs Spider Pigzs Prediction

Nemiga Gaming vs Spider Pigzs prediction on July 26, 2021. Looking at the stats of the members of the two teams, we see that the superiority comes from Nemiga Gaming, most of their members have a fairly diverse pool of champions that give them an advantage in the ban/pick phase.

Nemiga Gaming Overview

Nemiga Gaming is having a good start in the Dota 2 Champions League, with 2 wins and 1 loss, they are temporarily ranked 3rd on the standings but have the same difference with 2 other teams. 

It can be said that in order to keep their position, Nemiga needs to create a gap, that opportunity came when in this round they faced the team that was last in the rankings, Spider Pigz. It is quite surprising that in terms of confrontation, Nemiga was completely inferior when the previous 2 meetings were lost, so this match is not only meaningful in terms of points but also revenge for previous defeats.

Spider Pigzs Overview

Although they have only experienced 3 matches in the Dota 2 Champion League, the results of Spider Pigzs are not satisfactory, they have received 3 defeats, so they have to accept the last position on the rankings. Broadly speaking, in the last 9 matches Spider Pigzs also had poor performance when bringing home 3 wins and 6 losses, as of the time of writing they also own a series of 4 consecutive losses. It can be seen that a defeat is inevitable for Spider Pigzs, even a white loss cannot bring back an honorable game.

Nemiga Gaming vs Spider Pigzs prediction

The weak point of Nemiga Gaming is probably TheChosenOne’s Offlane position, although this player is only weaker than Funn1k, his basic skills are not bad and he can still play at a full level. 

In contrast, the weakness of Spider Pigzs is quite a lot when there are 2 unstable positions, the first is Koma in the jungle position and the other is LeBronDota in the Sp position. With these two important positions not in good form and limited capacity, Spider Pigzs can be exploited at many times, including mid or late-game. 

In the Spider Pigzs lineup, there is another hope that the lightless also play Sp, but according to experts, a swallow can’t make the spring as evidenced by the recent failure. The ability to communicate is not high, making Spider Pigzs easily fall into odd traps, from here, the enemy is gradually planning to deploy the outer turret, causing more vision loss. The final score is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of Nemiga Gaming when Spider Pigzs is in too bad a form.

Nemiga Gaming vs Spider Pigzs bet prediction

Nemiga Gaming vs Spider Pigzs total score prediction:

  • Nemiga Gaming 1-0 Spider Pigzs
  • Nemiga Gaming 1-0 Spider Pigzs

Total score 2-0 ( Nemiga Gaming won the handicap 1.5)

First Kill:

  • Game 1: Nemiga Gaming
  • Game 2: Nemiga Gaming

Total Kill Points:

  • Game 1: Nemiga Gaming 28-13 Spider Pigzs (Under)
  • Game 2: Nemiga Gaming 35-18 Spider Pigzs (Over)


Nemiga Gaming: Kiritych,  Ainkrad,  TheChosenOne,  Lodine,  Heaven

Spider Pigzs: Koma`,  No!ob,  Funn1k,  LeBronDota,  lightless