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Nemiga vs Hellbear Smashers Prediction – Champions League – 07/29

Nemiga vs Hellbear Smashers prediction

Nemiga vs Hellbear Smashers prediction

Nemiga vs Hellbear Smashers prediction on July 29, 2021. Experts predict that Hellbear Smashers will quickly set up an offensive game right from the start, they have names that are very good at suppressing lanes like Ace or Stormstormer as well as GeneRaL. It is highly likely that Hellbear Smashers will be the one with the better lineup right from the ban/pick stage, statistics show that most of their members have a variety of playing abilities with a rich pool of champions.

Nemiga Gaming Overview

Basically, Nemiga Gaming is having a solid place in the top 6 of the Dota 2 Champions League, they brought 3 wins and 2 losses to temporarily rank 4th on the table. However, in this round, Nemiga has to face a very strong team that is Hellbear Smashers, in terms of rankings alone, we have seen quite a clear loss for Nemiga Gaming. Nemiga Gaming’s current performance also shows unstable fluctuations, so it is understandable that they lost in this match.

Hellbear Smashers Overview

Hellbear Smashers are showing an impressive performance in the group stage, with all 5 victories they are at the top of the table with a gap of 1 win with the 2 teams behind. Statistics of the last 10 matches of Hellbear Smashers are not bad with 7 wins, currently owning 5 consecutive wins, showing that the drop point is very good. Against an opponent who is considered weaker in strength and is in an unstable form, experts believe that Hellbear Smashers will win without much difficulty.

Nemiga vs Hellbear Smashers prediction

With the advantages of the Hellbear Smashers laning phase that will soon force Nemiga Gaming to hold onto the tower, roaming situations from GeneRaL or early ganking from Ace are extremely dangerous. 

Nemiga Gaming’s outer turrets will be the target for Hellbear Smashers to exploit. They always want to distance themselves from their opponents early to get an advantage in terms of equipment. Not to mention that Hellbear Smashers has a very good ability to farm gold from members, while Nemiga Gaming shows a significant slowness or late hit ability is not too good. 

That led to Nemiga Gaming’s defeat right from the middle of the game, at this time Hellbear Smashers will show their superiority when possessing better equipment and levels. As soon as the time is right, Hellbear Smashers will advance to Roshan, this goal is difficult to escape from Hellbear Smashers as well as possessing two important equipment. 

With this scenario, the possibility of ending the game with an overwhelming victory for Hellbear Smashers is very good, experts believe that with their performance and strength, a 2-0 victory for Hellbear Smashers is completely worthy.

Nemiga vs Hellbear Smashers bet prediction

Nemiga vs Hellbear Smashers total score prediction:

  • Nemiga Gaming 0-1 Hellbear Smashers
  • Nemiga Gaming 0-1 Hellbear Smashers

Total score 0-2 (Hellbear Smashers won)

Handicap bet (Hellbear Smashers is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Hellbear Smashers

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Hellbear Smashers
  • Game 2: Hellbear Smashers

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Nemiga Gaming 11-29 Hellbear Smashers (Under)
  • Game 2: Nemiga Gaming 15-36 Hellbear Smashers (Over)


Nemiga Gaming: Kiritych,  Ainkrad,  TheChosenOne,  Lodine,  Heaven

Hellbear Smashers: Ace,  Gilgir,  Stormstormer,  GeneRaL,  tOfu