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Neon Abyss – Best In-game Items You Might Want To Know

Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss is another blast of gameplay developed by Veewo Games and published by Team 17, a studio that seems to only publish gems like the recent standalone Overcooked or Narita Boy series.

Golden Torch

Neon Abyss 2

Next are the Special Type Items, which can change something about your exploration or add something “extra” to the map itself. And, most of the items that qualify for this category either resize your character or reveal the map itself, both of which are a bit mundane.

But, the Golden Torch, our personal pick for the best Special Class Item, is real madness. The Treasure Room is where you’ll get most of your items in Neon Abyss, and there’s an item on each floor. But, with the Golden Torch, there will now be a second Treasure Chamber for the next floor and so on. Do we need to say more? However, as far as other options are concerned:

  • Lidless Eye
  • Silver Compass
  • Treasure Map
  • Little Pickaxe
  • Mini Radar
  • Green Cap
  • Birthday Cake
  • Desert Elixir
  • Inner Eye

Lion Headgear

Neon Abyss 1

The Pet system is arguably the most unique mechanic this game adds to the genre, as well as the most polarizing. Usually, pet collecting is more reserved by mechanics for survival/crafting-style games. And, in Neon Abyss, people really hate certain pets in particular (look at you Peter), while others love the performance.

In any case, there are plenty of in-game items that can modify your pets, eggs, or stats when collecting pets, and the Lion Headgear is our pick for the best. . Why? Well, simply because weapon damage is the most important stat in games like this, and this item will increase your damage for each pet you currently have, which can exceed 20 in the long run. For other pet-based items:

  • Worst Blowing Gum
  • Strawberry Cand
  • Doughnut
  • Candy Cane and/or Candy Corn
  • Double Yokes

Forbidden Mask – Neon Abyss

Probably the most boring categories, which are items that only increase damage, health, speed, etc. passively. Sure, they’re arguably the biggest difference during the run, but aren’t they as much fun as an item that makes your ammo explode now?

That said, out of all of them, Forbidden Mask is a standout product because it really powers up every key stat at once. After picking up this strange flesh-colored mask, your character will receive an empty heart container, as well as a slight increase in weapon damage, weapon range, and weapon attack speed. . Now, here are some other general Stat Boosters to keep in mind:

  • Space Soda
  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Giant Barbeque
  • Nerve System 6.0

Immortal Heart – Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss

It goes without saying that anything that allows you to continue even after death in a roguelike game where sometimes running for more than 40 minutes is a treat. That said, though, the recently released action/roguelike game called Death’s Door is absolute death on its own. Anyway, in Neon Abyss the only way you can respawn after death is with some very specific items:

  • Schrodinger’s Bet
  • Heart of Fire

But, out of all of these, Immortal Heart is the best while also being the hardest to find. Most other respawn items will return you to the previous room with half a heart left. But, Immortal Heart is a full revival in which it fully restores your health!

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