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Neon Esports vs Army Geniuses Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/12

Neon Esports vs Army Geniuses prediction

Neon Esports vs Army Geniuses prediction

Neon Esports vs Army Geniuses prediction on September 12, 2021. During the ban/pick phase, the side may have more advantages than Army Geniuses. They have a fairly rich general pool, but with too many champions but no cards, this team can’t take advantage of that.

Neon Esports Overview

Up to this point, Neon Esports has not won any wins at BTS Pro Series. With only 2 draws and 1 loss, they can only take 6th place at the group stage. That’s why they are putting great determination in the confrontation with Army Geniuses coming here. 

Because for them Army Geniuses is said to be their favorite opponent when they won up to 7 victories in the last 8 times they met. Experts believe that with what has been done in the past, Neon Esports will triumph in this match.

Army Geniuses Overview

Army Geniuses are also in not a much better condition, having only played 2 matches in BTS Pro Series but they also brought home only 1 win and 1 draw temporarily ranked 7th on the standings. The performance of the last 10 matches is also quite tragic when winning only 2 draws 2, the rest is 6 losses, having to meet a horse opponent Neon Esports in this round is clearly too difficult a problem for Army Geniuses.

Neon Esports vs Army Geniuses prediction

In the Army Geniuses lineup, there are quite a few positions that can be exploited, typically LyM-. This sp player does not show certainty in protection as well as poor personal skills. The second is the offlane position that woMy holds, the ability to defend the lane is weak and the money farm is only average. 

So he can only hold the tower but not help his teammates much. Not to mention that Mikoto is considered to be completely superior to Mamang Daya in the mid-lane. So if they consider the criteria in 3 lanes, there are 2 losing lanes belonging to Army Geniuses. 

With the analysis above. It’s only a matter of time before Neon Espots takes away the outer turrets soon, even if they take some time to Safe Lane. After the remaining lanes have the advantage, Neon Esports will also solve it quickly. 

The match will end with Neon Esports bringing back Roshan. With the most important buff on the map and the ability to push the road ahead Neon Esports will hit the opponent’s main house. From strength to head-to-head record, the final score of 2-0 in favor of Neon Esports is the opinion of experts.

Neon Esports vs Army Geniuses bet prediction

Neon Esports vs Army Geniuses total score prediction:

  • Neon Esports 1-0 Army Geniuses
  • Neon Esports 1-0 Army Geniuses

Total score 2-0

Handicap bet (Neon Esports is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Neon Esports

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Neon Esports
  • Game 2: Neon Esports

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Neon Esports 30-14 Army Geniuses (Under)
  • Game 2: Neon Esports 35-20 Army Geniuses (Over)


Neon Esports: 458,  Hustla, Mikoto,  X1aOyU, Jaunuel

Army Geniuses: db-, LyM-,  Mamang Daya,  woMy, you_K