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Super Technology and other squads have been nerfed in the upcoming 10.14 version

Super Technology and other squads have been nerfed in the upcoming 10.14 version

Super Technology and other squads have been nerfed in the upcoming 10.14 version

The fact has proven that Super Technology is still the strongest team in climbing the TFT. Riot game has been nerfed Super Technology in the new version. 

There is a principle in every Autobattler game, and even in the Arena of Truth, that the chess pieces, clan damage, and blood damage are extremely strong. The reason is so easy to understand, they bring resistance, immediate damage. It will help your chess pieces and squad much stronger than the opponent. Even without a powerful attack, a large amount of health and large damage will compensate for this drawback.


For the time being, the  Super Technology (Cybernetic team) has a current buff of getting extra health and physical damage if worn. In it, Fiora is a Sword Slayer and she will be the link between the two clans in the Arena of Truth.

Although the Super Technology squad has many weaknesses such as having a lot of resistance in the front line. The Super Tech Sword will cause the enemy to die quickly if there are enough SCN and the equipment of the Arena of Truth and combine with many systems another race.

Besides, What makes Super Technology always a strong team in season 3. Because this clan gives both health and damage, while other races – systems only give 1 in 2 stats. That’s why Riot Games nerfed Super Tech consecutively in the first half of Season 3. But this clan is still strong and still tops the current meta.

With the power to knock down opponents quickly, in the new version, Riot Game decided to implement a nerfed super technology squad specifically as follows:

  • The amount of bonus health at the 3 champion mark decreased from 350 to 300.
  • Bonus health at 6 champions has been reduced from 600 to 550
  • The amount of bonus damage at 6 champions has been reduced from 75 to 70.

And in the latest update of the PBE server, not only nerfed Super Techechnology but also the key units of the Rebellion, Witches have been nerfed a lot too.


Like the reason why Riot Game has made nerfed super technology squad, it’s because the power of these teams is too great. There is some squad in Arena of Truth nerfed by Riot Games as follow: 

  • Star Guardians: Mana cost increased at 9 generals increased from 40 to 45.
  • Ashe: Stun duration has been changed from 2/2 / 4s to 2/3 / 4s. Damage reduced from 250/300/700 to 200/300/600.
  • Jhin: Bonus damage from the fourth attack increased from 244/344/4444% to 350/500/4444%.
  • Aurelion Sol: Small spacecraft’s ability to drain energy reduced from 10/20/50 to 10/15/50.
  • Irelia: Bonus damage increased from skill increased from 175/250/500% to 225/250/500%.
  • Riven: Shield cost reduced from 225/375/1000 to 200/350/1000.
  • Fizz: Skill damage changed from 400/550/3000 to 400/550/4000.
  • Viktor: 2nd skill damage reduced from 250/400/1500 to 200/325/1500.
  • Janna: Attack speed bonus from skill reduced from 100/150/500% to 80/125/500%.

The new update in Arena of Truth by nerfed Super Technology is actually more “fighting”. Because, by its very nature, Super Technology is still extremely superior to other races in terms of basic stats like health and damage. If Riot Games really wants to balance this clan then it is best for them to redo the effect or the way to increase the stats, just like they did with Dark Star.

Regarding the other changes, we can easily recognize that Riot wants to buff the Archers. This lineup after 10.13 is showing signs of complete disappearance. Aurelion Sol continues to be nerfed as well as a move to rebalance the Rebellion team. Because this squad is showing signs of hegemony again. Viktor, Janna, Riven are not too difficult to understand. When these are the main pieces of the Witch – Riven team is raging at the present time.