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Top 3 Best New Dungeon Crawler Games of 2021

New Dungeon Crawler

New Dungeon Crawler

After the new dungeon crawler gameplay experience for 2021? You’re in luck because we’ve listed out a few games that we think you should keep an eye on. On this list, we have some great dungeon crawler video games that are out now, either in early access, or anticipated by fans in the hopes that the title will launch within 2021. We do not rank these games in any particular order as most of these games are not yet on the market.

Project TL – new dungeon crawler

New Dungeon Crawler

Project TL is a game we’ve been waiting for a long time. This title was first announced in 2011 and we are still waiting for it. It’s also a reboot-themed game in development, but the title first started off as Lineage Eternal. We most likely won’t see this game release in 2021, but we wanted to at least mention it if you’re looking at upcoming titles. Project TL is still expected to release as an upcoming MMORPG. Still, we’ll be keeping an eye on the game, like pretty much every other eager fan waiting to try it out.

There Is No Light – new dungeon crawler

New Dungeon Crawler

There Is No Light is a new dungeon crawler game described as having a bit of a Soul-like gameplay experience. According to this title, human civilization has long since collapsed but has been rebuilt deep underground. 

Now society bows and obeys a god known only as of the Great Hand. This ferocious beast will appear before human society and grab selected newborns to bring back to its lair.

You are playing the part of a man who is simply looking to get his child back and as a result, you are venturing into an area that you have never tried before. Here you are looking to open the gate, take your child and make a daring escape. 

Of course, the game is full of hostile monsters, loot, and gameplay that will adapt to actions taken throughout the campaign. Currently, There Is No Light is expected to be released in the third quarter of this year.

Path of Exile 2

New Dungeon Crawler

Path of Exile is a widely loved new dungeon crawler MMORPG, released back in 2013. With so many updates and content expansions, the development team at Grinding Gear Games is looking to make a big change to the game. game with Path of Exile 2. 

Origins campaign, the new Path of Exile 2 update will bring a seven-action storyline along with new character classes, engine improvements, and a new skill system. With this new story-driven action, we could see Wraeclast get corrupted once again as humanity battles for power.

Since the game is so much loved, there are a lot of fans eagerly waiting to find out the title but we’re not entirely sure when this game will come out. The development team hasn’t made an official announcement about its release. But we have noted that the beta for this game may not be released until 2022, so there’s a good chance we won’t see it. Path of Exile 2 is available to play until next year.