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New League Champion: Seraphine, Full Abilities Revealed



Riot Games took fans by surprise when the developer rolled out a full disclosure for the new League of Legends champion, Seraphine. In addition to providing more plot for the long-awaited this champion, Starry-Eyed Songstress, her full abilities have been revealed. For the fifth member of K / DA, her abilities and playstyle are all about teamwork and synergy.

Seraphine Abilities


With a set very similar to Sona’s, abilities of Seraphine show her gameplay like a spell spammy mage. She gives the most value to her team by constantly using magic to activate her passive. With her ability to copy and recover, this pop star excels at keeping her teammates alive when they’re around her. Without a doubt, her strongest role will be in support of the bot lane and in big fights.

Passive – Stage Presence

Every third basic skill that she uses will echo, automatically cast a second time. Also, whenever she uses a skill near an ally, she will create a Note. Each Note will give her more basic attack range and deals additional magic damage, consuming the Note.

Q – High Note

Seraphine unleashes a pure note, dealing magic damage up to a percentage of the target’s missing health,

W – Surround Sound

She surrounds nearby allies in a song, increasing movement speed and a shield for herself and allies. If she is shielded, she can heal nearby allies, restoring health based on the number of allies nearby.

E – Beat Drop

She releases a heavy wave of sound, dealing magic damage to enemies in the line and slowing them. Enemies that have been slowed down will be rooted and enemies that have been rooted will be stunned.

R – Encore

She steps onto the stage, unleashing a seductive force, seducing enemies, and dealing magic damage. Any champions attacked (including allies) become part of the performance, expanding the range of skills and granting allies maximum Notes.

New League Champion


When playing the songstress, players will want to choose to buy energy as soon as possible. For the best possible use of her passivity, using her abilities regularly is essential. An early Tear of the Goddess and rune mana will help with lots of damage and shields.

Summoner’s Rift’s addition of Seraphine will definitely change the next meta of League of Legends. Although her abilities are similar to Sona’s, she gives more damage and has more flexibility in the lane. As a supporter, some fans believe her playstyle is a mix of Sona and Lux, though she will certainly see the gameplay of a mid lane mage.

All Out Seraphine, Ultimate Skin

Interestingly, Riot is also testing a new concept for the League of Legends ultimate outfit with her. When she launches, she will have a state-of-the-art outfit to buy on special quests. Those who complete quests in this game will unlock more skins.

Seraphine has been found on social media by real fans over the past few months. She already has her own verified Twitter and Instagram accounts with posts, pictures, song covers, and more than 300,000 followers. Of course, she’s just a virtual rendering of Riot Games for the League of Legends universe. But Riot’s efforts in character creation and her journey help show the value of character building and K / DA.

Ever since the release of Samira, the ultimate champion, everyone has been experimenting with construction and gameplay styles to find the best. The same thing will happen here with her to figure out what role she really develops.