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Riot Games introduces 7 new skin for favorite champions

a new skin for champions in half of 2020

a new skin for champions in half of 2020

Riot Games has officially announced the list of a new skin for champions who will own a luxury skin in the second half of 2020.


In just a few hours, Riot Games has released a series of super hot information from new generals, the series of new skin themes, and now a list of a new skin for champions. In particular, the champions who will own luxury skins in the second half of the 2020 season are all favorite champions of Riot Game and gamers such as Yasuo, Soraka, Teemo, Ezreal, Sett, Kai Agea, and Diana.

Since debuting in 2018, luxury skin has become one of the indispensable things at League of Legend. All gamers are attracted to the beauty of this outfit. Looking at your favorite champions in stunning costumes and beautiful effects. This is one of the reasons why players always look forward to these innovations.

In January, the League of Legends community revealed unconventional costumes with beautiful effects in the first half of the year such as Senna and Garen. In more detail, the new skin for champions is divided into 2 main parts: the skin exchanged in the event and the skin exchanged with luxury skin points. 

As mentioned a few weeks ago, when the skin new magician Yuumi appeared. The new members of the luxury skin of a big family showed up. In the second half of this year, we will welcome two new members, namely Sokara,  Yasuo, and Teemo.

THE LUXURY SKIN EXCHANGE BY POINT – new skin for champions

First, Sokara is a famous general by the nickname “ambulance girl” in League of Legends. Sakara was also the general that stirred the top lane during the early part of the year. Until now Sokara can still be used as champion in the top lane, in fact, the gamer should not do it. 

Since 2013 each year,  Soraka will have for themselves at least one new skin a year. This tradition continues until this year, with luxury skin clothing. It is known that the new skin of Soraka in this year is remade by an old skin. But on the details of which outfit is currently, Riot Game has not been revealed. According to the predictions, it could be a magician, an angel, or a star guard.

The second champion who has new skin is Yasuo. Yasuo is one of the “server” champions of the League of Legends. The wind god will wear a yellow suit and slash the allies’ ranking points. Yasuo is the champion who will get new skin by exchange point. So from now on, gamers should accumulate points to be able to have for their favorite champions the hot skin when they just debuted.


Compared to the new skin that is redeemed, the new skin exchange by events of the second half of 2020 is much richer. We have up to 5 members at the event club.

First is Teemo, a champion that any gamer doesn’t like to face. Now players can spread yellow mushrooms on the map. Next is the beloved champion of Riot Game and those players are Ezreal. Earlier, the League of Legends community always wondered why this year’s Riot Game did not publish anything related to Ezreal. However, in this event, we all understand that the reason Ezreal was “abandoned” in the first half of this year is that Riot Game wants to focus investment on Ezreal. In this event, Ezreal has enchanting golden skin.

Third, Sett is a gladiator with the most casual image in the history of League of Legends. Earlier Sett’s original outfit was available in yellow, curious as to what the Sett would look like.

Next, that is AD carry Kai’sa. Kai’sa is also one of the beloved champions of League of Legends, through the information that Riot Game announced. It is possible that the gaming community will be able to own Kai’sa rarely skin again. In 2018, Kai’sa has owned a rare skin and it is also possible that in 2020 Kai’sa will also own a new skin like 2018. 

Finally, It was Diana. She was quite favored when she just got a new skin in February. It is not known how Diana in the image of a golden moon girl will turn out.