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Nex Machina Guide – Tips And Tricks To Help You

Nex Machina

Nex Machina is Housemarque’s newest top-down shooter. Fast-paced, rambunctious, and absolutely brilliant, it’s something you definitely want to pick up. The game is easy to play but hard to master thanks to its difficulty level and aggressive and unforgiving enemies.

Start on Newbie

Nex Machina

Seriously, no matter how good you are at real bullets, do yourself a favor and play Nex Machina for the first time on Rookie difficulty. The hardest of the four, it’s still challenging enough for the vast majority of players. This isn’t the kind of game you’ll only want to play once; the game was clearly designed with multiple play directions in mind. 

Getting started with Rookie means you’ll get a feel for what the game will do to you, you’ll learn enemy attack patterns, and familiarize yourself with the level layout. It will help you a lot when you play again, trust us.

Use dash skill more often – Nex Machina

While you’ll get tons of other skills and upgrades as you play through the game, aside from your standard attack, there’s only one skill that remains constant and that’s the dash skill. You will need to use this almost continuously to master each level, especially later in the game and on higher difficulty levels. 

Dash is rechargeable, so you’ll need to use it sparingly but wisely to avoid impending attacks. It will allow you to glide through laser beams that would otherwise destroy you and it is often your only saving grace when you are eventually cornered by a group of enemies that have just spawned right in front of you.

Grab power-ups

Nex Machina 1

Most levels in Nex Machina will grant you power, whether it’s in the form of a secondary weapon, extra dash power, or a shield, pick them up whenever you see them. Some nerfs will cycle through several weapons, so you should take your time and grab it when it’s on the strongest – not all buffs are created equal. 

You’ll likely find your own favorites as you play through, but the laser is one of the most powerful, cutting through multiple enemies at once. A powerful secondary weapon can also greatly help your chances in the face of a boss.

Special enemies – Nex Machina

Nex Machina 2

Along with the numerous enemies that are regularly stuffed into each level, each world also has a number of special enemies that appear at random levels. There are snake-like ‘Visitors’ that line-up levels and often hover outside, and there are also green bug-like enemies that move off-screen quite quickly.

If you kill any special type of enemy, you will get a well-deserved reward for your score. If you manage to get them all – easier said than done – you’ll get a huge score boost.

Destroy the environment

Each level of Nex Machina is packed with blocks and environmental objects that you can shoot to destroy. It pays to shoot as many as possible. Firstly, it will make it much easier to get through some levels and quite often you will find pickup points hidden within some blocks. Each world also has a number of humans hiding, and these are usually found by destroying walls of blocks.

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